Friday, August 31, 2012

spend a dollar...make you hollaaaaaa...

We are in Seattle this weekend visiting my husbands parents....I am loving that the weather is not hot enough to make me have boob sweat of EPIC porportions so nice and cool. We shopped today at the premium factory outlets...and you know what that means: I spent enough money to feed 28 people in Ethiopia for 6 years tide me over for a while. I visited old friends like Coach, Gap, Juicy, Restoration Hardware, Ann Taylor and DKNY. They were so happy to see me that they offered %30 -%50 percent off....thats always awesome.

When we met up with the mister, I had to run to the back and shove the bags in....before he had a chance to start running numbers in his head see how many bags I had. I have trained him well to know name brands...its hilarious because he can spot a fake handbag sometimes before I can...and he will elbow me when we are out somewhere and say "hey babe, check out her Louis...its fake" and By golly...its fake. Hes pretty legit. I love him. A lot. Anyways.....because he knows brands now, he knows that when he sees a shopping bag from the COACH store...he knows how much stuff there costs. So I have to hide things. Just kidding, I dont hide things. Well, at least I dont hide alot of things. Just some.

I think I have an addiction. Shopping feeds my soul. Shopping is better than cupcakes. Well, actually nevermind. Nothing is better than cupcakes. Except maybe one thing. But this is PG so lets move on.

Tomorrow we are going to see the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science center in Seattle, that should be pretty legit. Nothing like checkin out the coffin of a hot dead egyptian!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Right now all I want is a cupcake with tons of frosting. Or maybe a HUGE bowl of fettuccine alfredo....or even better...Just a HUGE bowl of alfredo sauce with a WHOLE loaf of garlic bread to dip into it. And THIS is what I am eating for dinner......
With water...and maybe some tuna or chicken on top. Did I mention that all I want is ice cream?
I have been working out every single day and trying to eat right...and its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD. I hate it. But I love it. I love food...all food well except for salmon, and venison and oysters well, most all food. My husband loves to cook, and he is AMAZING in the kitchen...but he LOVES food too..and most of what he cooks is like death to your arteries or your heart SUPER yummy and FULL of calories.
I have struggled with my weight my whole life...and I know that I am overweight because I dont move enough and I make bad food choices. But I also know that eating right and working out is hard. And I dont like when things are hard. I want to quit....and eat chips and queso. But I cant...I made myself a promise and I am going to stick to it. I hope.
Sometimes I feel like the only person in the whole entire PLANET who finds it so hard to eat right and work out. But then I see the chubby girl at the gym next to me on the treadmill...and she is huffing and puffing and pouring sweat glistening just like me. We look at eachother and smile...of course we cant talk because we are both so out of breath we are both so into our workout. Then I look up and see her TV screen....yep...shes watching the food network too. Its Bobbly Flay on the screen and he is making some sort of blessing sent from above 10 layer chocolate cake. Its like he's a drug pusher and I am willing to do ANYTHING for cake ....and the other CG (chubby girl) looks at she wants to say "lets go right now and eat cake"...I look at her with the "OK lets go!!!" look...but then we both smile again, change the channel on our screens, pump up the resistance on our treadmills and keep on keepin on.
No cake today my friends....No cake today.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


So I joined up with some ladies over at "The Life of a not so ordinary Wife" for a FABULOUS jewelry swap!
My partner was Alisa Marie from All things Alisa! She sent me this AMAZING chunky cobalt blue bracelet! I LOVE it!! It was perfect for me and I cant wait to rock it tomorrow! This jewelry swap was awesome...thanks so much Melissa! for that awesome swap!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

kibbles and bits

I dont get it....I mean sure there are times when its appropriate to be half when you are...ummm...well, I cant think of any right now. But I know one thing here are the times when its NOT appropriate to be half naked:

When you are going to a childrens birthday party
When you are going to the county fair
When you are going grocery shopping
When you are going out to dinner
When you are going anywhere there are children present
When you are going anywhere that there are OTHER PEOPLE present

I get that you think have a nice body....and I get that you want to show it off. Props to you, I mean if I had a body like that I would show it off by wearing a tiny skirt and a see through shirt...Oh, I wouldnt. But anyways... come on...when parents have to explain to there kids why they can see your underwear under your dress because its SO short...its probably not the best outfit to wear. I dont want my 11 year old son to see your kibbles and bits. And sure as heck dont want my husband to see your kibbles and bits. AND more than anything I DONT want to see your kibbles and bits.

Your shirt should cover your boobs, your pants, skirt or shorts should cover your butt, and I shouldnt have to see your hoo ha when you bend over to get something out of the cold case at the grocery store.

Ladies, respect your selves and leave something to the imagination.....because when guys see the goods....thats all they want....kibbles and bits.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No biggie...Just Learning Spanish at 2am....

I was sound ASLEEP and was jolted awake...because I remembered (in my sleep I guess) that I hadnt made the misters student loan payment for the month. So I grabbed my phone and called the 1 800 number to make the payment over the phone. It was an automated system so I put it on speaker and turned it down low...I could still hear it, but I was still sitting next to the mister in the bed and he was still snoring like a trucker sound asleep and I didnt want to wake him up. This is what happened...

- automated system is talking to me and I am pressing buttons and entering information and the mister sits STRAIGHT up in bed and says:

Mister: "are you learning spanish?"
Me: "Um, no Im paying your student loan payment"
Mister: "Then why is the person on the other end speaking spanish?"
Me: "They arent, they are speaking english, see...listen" (as I put the phone closer to him)
Mister: "They ARE speaking spanish! Why are you secretly learning spanish?"
Me: "Babe! They are speaking ENGLISH, why would I be secretly learning spanish at 2 in the morning?"
Mister: "I dont know....but thats not cool!"
Me: (as I am finishing up the proccess, and I have to confirm the bank account number and amount that I paid by speaking it into the phone)
Mister: "See, you just paid for the Spanish Lesson!"
Me: " Okay babe, you are right...I am secretly learning spanish, and paying a small fortune for it" (followed by an eyeroll and laughter)
Mister: " I knew it!" (then he layed back down and went right back to sleep)

So if any of you would like to participate in my 2am spanish lessons....its cool.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Saturday night after the Women of Faith conference was over we walked from our hotel in downtown Spokane, a couple blocks to eat dinner. On the walk back to our hotel we passed a man in a wheelchair, asking people for money. He scooted along next to us, and asked us if we had any change. We just kept walking and shook our heads...and then something told me to look at him...really look at him. As I stopped walking and looked down, his eyes met mine...and he smiled. I was captivated by his smile.

 "Mam', do you have any spare change?' I reached into my wallet and got out a $10 bill, and one of the ladies I was with said....we can give you some money...but also, is there anything we can pray for you about? He smiled the biggest smile and said "YES! I need prayers for my three sons and their mom. They are not believers and I worry about them every day." He went on to tell us the story of his life and how he came to be begging on the street. He was a veteran and after he came back from war, he made some stupid decisions and he was in and out of prison....he lost his wife, his kids, his home, and his job. He lost everything. He told us that he received disability because his legs were shattered in war, but it wasnt enough so he begs on the street to get more money to pay his bills and "keep his belly full". He was clean, and he didnt appear to be intoxicated or under any kind of chemical influence.

After talking with him on the street corner for about 20 minutes, I asked him if I could pray for him right there...and he obliged. So I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed...I prayed for His family, for him....for peace, comfort, providence, health, and joy. We prayed that his family would find him...and that they would be re-united. We prayed for a while....when I was done praying...he looked at me, with tears streaming down his face and said "thank you." It was the most heartfelt thank you I have EVER heard. And all I gave him was a $10 bill and a prayer.

But I know it was more than that. We gave him hope....he told us when we left that most people just ignore him, and never make eye contact...partly because he is in a wheelchair and not at eye level...but also because they dont want to see him. God spoke to us loud and clear that night.

The man's name was Scooter.

How many times have YOU walked by Scooter and not even looked at him?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Women of Faith - Celebrate!

This weekend 3 friends and I went and volunteered at Women of Faith in Spokane! It was my 6th year attending the conference and my 4 year volunteering, and I think that it was my favorite year so far. God is awesome...and His awsomeness was ABUNDANT this weekend.

The theme this year was Celebrate and there were alot of changes to the program...but all of them made a huge impact, and in my opinion were completely amazing.
The first night was the always hilarious and inspiring Ken Davis! His message was about being "fully alive" and LIVING! He spoke about three main points:
  1. God is the author of JOY! True joy comes from Him...
  2. Perfection is not a requirement! God didnt make us perfect!
  3. God will NEVER let you down. He can be trusted!
His message was awesome...and He is hilarious!

Then we had the pleasure of hearing the amazing CeCe Winans!
And let me tell you, that woman has some pipes on her! She was fabulous! She sang this song "My Alabaster Box" was about the prostitute who washed Jesus feet with her tears and poured her oiled perfume on them and dried them with her hair...

Luke 7:37 36 When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table. 37 A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. 38 As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them.

It was awesome amazing beautiful...actually there arent words to describe that song. You have to hear it yourself!

The Next day we heard from Sheila Walsh, Liz Curtus Higgs, Angie Smith, Pat Smith, Selah and Lisa Harper.

Sheila talked about how sometimes we have to get real, and be broken before God, because thats when he can work the best! She said "Its's amazing what God can do with a broken heart and a broken life when you give Him all of the pieces." Sheila is always fabulous to listen to, and every single time I hear her speak, its like the words are JUST for me.

Liz was HILARIOUS! She talked about loving yourself for who God created you to be. She said "The day God created you, He said "WOW!!" He loves you EXACTLY as you are Gods definition of beautiful for YOU, not for anyone else! She encouraged us to stand in front of the mirror and say TA-DA!!! Like we are a masterpiece...a priceless peice of art. I love it...its something I am going to try and do...because God doesnt make junk...He makes masterpieces!

Then she did the most hilarious've gotta watch it!

The fabulous Lisa Harper told us about the greatest Love story ever....(The Bible) and How God is fully, completely, totally in LOVE with us. She used the best analogy...Its like God wants to take you to the mall on the day after Thanksgiving...when its PACKED with people. He wants to wear a shirt that says "I'm with her" so that everyone in that whole place knows that He loves you. He isnt about to try and hide how He feels about you.

I wish that everyone could see that....That God really REALLY loves them

I have to say that one of my favorite speakers from the whole weekend was Angie Smith. She is the wife of Todd Smith from Selah. She is gorgeous, transparent, graceful, and wise. But she is also hilarious. She told us about losing her daughter Audrey. She told us about fear...and about being so afraid to go into the deep of the water...because thats where the waves can wash over you. And about how its only when you face your fears, and see that God is faithful through ALL of it that you can fully trust Him. She said "I believed in Christ from the shore, but I knew Him in the deep.". I am so thankful that God uses real women to speak into our lives....hearing Angies story was a blessing.

 I got to meet her and have her sign a book for our clinic!

One of the other sweet things from the weekend was the "Jesus Painter". It was have to learn more about can check it out here: . There was an orginal canvas of His painting for sale...and the last day I acted like I was going to snag it..You couldnt tell, right?
The weekend was awesome. God used the worship, the speakers, and the performers to break chains, crumble walls, and move mountains. He is good, and so is Women of Faith...if you have never been, you NEED to check it out. For real. You wont be sorry. I promise!  Here is the list of the upcoming events!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I've Learned....

I've learned:

  1. When you cook a turkey, you have to take the "jiblets" and the neck out of the middle before you cook it. (I've forgotten to do this more than once)
  2. You cant earn Gods love. Its free. You just have to accept it. Like a gift.
  3. screaming at your kids doesnt make them listen to just makes them Scream back ignore you more
  4. when you wear alot of mascara, and have long eye have to clean your sunglasses alot...or else you think that there are little black bugs all over everything.
  5. when you have an event or a party at your house...something will go wrong. So just expect it.
  6. People will let you down. So expect that too.
  7. God will NEVER EVER let you down. Never. So dont expect that.
  8. It doesnt matter how much black you wear...if you have a big butt...yes, your butt looks big in those shorts, jeans, pants..etc.
  9. If you dont have money in the bank, dont spend it. ever.(unless you find the perfect shoes for 60% off)
  10. Probly not the best idea to try and put eyeliner on when you are riding in the car on very very bumpy roads.
  11. Probly not the best idea to put mascara or makeup on while YOU are driving either.
  12. When you are fake with people, eventually they figure it out. So dont be fake.
  13. Forgiveness is harder to give then to recieve, but its very very important to do.
  14. You cannot scare snakes away by blowing a whistle. (I may or may not have done this multiple times after being told it would get rid of snakes)
  15. Working out doesnt not make you more tired. It makes you sore and worn out...but in fact, gives you more energy
  16. You cant lose weight without eating right and working out. You just cant. Well, unless you do things that damage your body and mind. then you can. but thats just craziness.
  17. Making mistakes makes you smarter, and learning from your mistakes makes you a better person.
  18. Pinterest is the devil. It makes you want to work out like crazy, and cook, and bake, and craft, and shop. It basically makes you want to quit your job and just do random craft projects and cook and eat all day.
  19. It doesnt matter what people think of you. So, stop trying to please people. Start living for Christ...He is the only one that matters.
  20. Being disrepectful to your husband is never, ever ok. never.
  21. Giving to others doesnt take away from what you have. It gives you more. More inside. Thats what really matters anyways.
  22. Garlic makes you have bad breath. Everytime you eat it. So when you go on a dinner date with your man...if your gonna eat garlic, make sure he eats garlic too. Then no harm, no foul.
  23. Sometimes its ok to give in when you are arguing with your friend or spouse. Its better to have a relationship that to be right. (even when you KNOW you are right!)
  24. Just because it zips, doesnt mean it fits.
  25. Camel toe is not sexy. ever. No, you cant just wear a longer shirt.
  26. When you are having a rough day and you feel like everything sucks and is falling apart... you need to: Stop, Breathe, Pray, re-apply your mascara and lip gloss....and pull yourself together. God is in control...and He's got your back. All the time. Forever.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

regular or decaf?

I had a totally random thought today as I was drinking my coffee (my quad shot, iced, non fat, white mocha) this morning. What is the purpose of decaf coffee? How do they make decaf coffee? Do they grow decaf coffee beans? How do they get the caffeine out of the coffee? Why would you drink coffee, if it wasnt for the caffeine? I drink coffee to wake me up, to pick me up throughout the day...but also because I like the taste. But I wouldnt drink decaf coffee...because I just dont see the point.

I feel like there are people in this world who are decaf Christians, and people who are regular coffee Christians.

Decaf Christians love God. Decaf Christians have said the sinners prayers and have accepted Christ. and have a personal relationship with Him. They pretend like their lives are perfect....they pretend that their kids dont ever act up, like they never argue or fight with their husbands, that they never struggle with lust, they dont ever get depressed, they dont ever get mad or struggle with anger...the list goes on. They dont want to let people see that they struggle. They are coffee...but without the caffeine. They taste like coffee, but dont give you everything that regular coffee does.

Regular coffee Christians love God, Regular Coffee Christians have said the sinners prayers and have accepted Christ, and have a personal relationship with Him. They know that their lives are not perfect....they tell you that their kids act up, and ask for prayer to help deal with it. They argue or fight with their husbands, and ask you for prayer and accountability for their marriage. They struggle with lust and ask for prayer and for someone to help keep them accountable...the list goes on. They let people see them struggle...because they know that God is right there with them. They know that struggling with life and sin doesnt make them any less of a Christian, or it doesnt make God love them any less. They are the full fledged regular coffee...the kind that wakes you up with your first sip.

When someone that you really admire and look up to tells you something about their past, something that isnt very pretty.....and they tell you how they overcame it with Christ, it gives you hope. Your testimony and the every day struggles that you go through in life can bring people to Christ. It can give people hope. Its OK to be transparent and to let people see where God is working in your life.

Its ok to be decaf coffee, It will let them smell the coffee smell, and taste the coffee taste, but it wont wake them up. It wont let people see where God is working in your life, because you dont let them see your life.

So, are you regular coffee....or decaf coffee? (PS...God loves decaf people AND regular people...he even likes UN SWEETENED TEA people. But thats a whole 'nother post!)

Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm a winner!

well...I like to think I am a winner!

Today was a great day! I got to spend time with my lttle cutie pie nephew!!

 I got a package in the mail today from Eloping was an adorable bracelet!!! And it was part of an amazing giveaway that I won from Cait at !! I can't wait to get my other goodies, its like Christmas!

 I got to work at our booth at a radio event at our local aquatic center...which means I got to talk to a ton of people about God, sex (the dangers and risks of pre marital sex), and Life! we gave away fun prizes, books, bibles and people loved it! We gave away one book that I think is one of the best books on healthy relationships...Its called "How not to fall in love with a jerk". It's great, because it really gets people's attention!

I just love my job, I love that we can love on our community and serve others. It makes my heart so happy.
I am headed to Seattle tomorrow for the Seattle Gift Show, and am SUPER excited because I am doing all of the buying for fall and winter for my store (well its actually my Dad's store, but I handle the merchandise and buying...its like my own little boutique!) I cant wait to see what the vendors have, especially the new jewelery and home trends for fall. I just LOVE seeing whats new!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You have such a pretty face.

"You have such a PRETTY FACE!" the sales woman said as she looked me up and down and then rang up my purchases. "Thank you" I replied. " No, really...your face is SO pretty!" she said, again.  "Thank you" I replied again. She looked at my like I didn't hear her. But I did. And all I wanted to do was scream at her "You know, the rest of me is pretty too! I am pretty on the inside!"

 I am not a small girl...I have a big ol' booty...and big thighs...and a flabby stomach..and I have been chubby, or overweight for the majority of my life. But, I do have a pretty face, and nice hair...and people have always told me that, ever since I was in junior high. But to me, "You have such a pretty face" meant...." You are fat" or "You would be GORGEOUS if you could lose some weight" (you know I have actually had 3 different people tell me that, on three different occasions) or "you are not good enough...ALMOST, but not quite." . I have struggled with an eating disorder and have done some pretty stupid things to lose weight...because I wanted to be more than a pretty face.

In the last 4 or 5 years God has really been working on me. He's trying to make me more than just a pretty face. He's not doing it my way: He's not doing it by me sticking my fingers down my throat every time I eat. He's not doing it by me running 6 miles on the treadmill then taking 4 laxatives and drinking 3 cups of coffee every morning. He's not doing it by giving me a boob job, or lipo on my hips and thighs.

He's doing it His way: He's working on my heart, making me pretty on the inside. By teaching me love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self control. He's doing it by helping me remember to read His word, by giving me trials that absolutely BREAK me and cause me to only trust and rely on Him. He's doing it by putting life giving people in my path, that speak love and truth into my life. He's doing it by strengthening my marriage and my friendships. He's making me more than just a pretty face.

So now, when someone says to me "You have such a pretty face!" I nod and say "Thank you!" all the while, knowing that they see my big ol' booty and my big thighs...but HOPING and praying that they also see the inside. That they see Christ in me, and not just a pretty face.

Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is fleeting but a women who fears the Lord is to be praised.

1 Peter 3:3-4
Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School!!

Its that time of year! School is about to start, and "back to school shopping" has started. All the stores are having back to school sales. And all the mommas are out there buying stuff! As I was standing in line at Aeropostle this weekend with my arms mounded full of stuff for my two oldest step daughters (13 and 16)...I watched. I watched moms and dads with teenagers looking at clothes...the kids were trying stuff on, and choosing the items they liked most. The store was packed full of people! The next stop was Old Navy for my youngest daughter and my stepson...and those places were just as crowded and people were trying to find all the best deals. About 3 hours later after a stop at target for school "supplies" my husband and I got into our car, I looked in the back and saw ALL of the bags. There were jeans, shoes, pencils, pens, dresses, skirts, shirts and sweaters....Because thats what you do, right? You buy your kids school supplies and back to school clothes. Because the first impression on the first day of 8th grade is important. Because you as a junior in high school you have to have the right jeans. Because as a 6th need to have the cool new shoes.

But what about the kids that don't get new shoes. What about the kids that dont get the cool new jeans. What about the 8th grade girls that doesnt even have clean clothes to wear on the first day of school...let alone something brand new.

There are SO many kids that live in my very own community that wont even have a new pencil for school. Their parents cant afford the school supplies list...and they sure as heck cant afford new clothes.

I remember as a kid my mom would always take me school shopping and I was spoiled rotten. When I got older she would take me to the makeup counter for a makeover with all the new fall colors...and we would spend hours picking out clothes. I just expected that. I was thankful, sure....but it never ever crossed my mind that there were people that werent doing what we were doing. Moms that couldnt afford to buy their kids new jeans, nikes, or Lisa Frank school supplies.

Now I get it....and I wanted to help. At our church there was a bulletin board with names of kids in a local low income neighborhood...when you take a name, the back of the card has a  list of school supplies...You are supposed to get everything on the list. I picked a little girl in 3rd grade...and as I shopped for her, I prayed for her. I picked out hot pink notebooks, I chose glittery pencils, and folders with hearts on them. I will continue to pray for this little girl...and I challenge you. As you shop for your you pick out the jeans, the shoes and the school supplies...think about the kids that wont be getting anything new this school year...and pray for them. Or better yet, find a place in your own community where you can help a child get new school clothes, or supplies!

Happy Monday Ya'll! Have a great week!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Good News!

So in March my husband was offered a job....a REALLY good job...but if he took the job he would have to live in southern Idaho (Boise)  for 6 months. SIX MONTHS! SIX months without me...SIX months apart! Did you catch that? SIX MONTHS! So, we prayed about it, and we knew that is was definitely the right thing for us and for our future. So he took the job and he has been living in Boise since March 12th. Its been tough, but he has been able to come home on some weekends....and honestly it has been REALLY good for our relationship. I feel like it made us SO much stronger! Well, he was scheduled to be done with his training in September...September 16th to be exact. I was getting pretty excited because I knew that this season of life was coming to a close.

 So on Friday I drove down to Boise to see him, and when I got to my cousins house (where he has been living) he met me outside. He has a really worried look on his face...he then proceeded to tell me that when I came back on Sunday I was going to have to bring some stuff back with me. I asked him "why?" and then he smiled and said "because I get to come home on the 17th!" I said "thats in 2 weeks!!!" I was SO excited! He has been doing such a good job, they are letting him be done with training early! A whole month early! Woo Hoo! :)

Anyways...we had a great weekend...We did some school shopping for the kiddos..and I scored these for myself...The Blue Nikes are awesome...and they are SO light...I worked out in them today and it was great. The boots are because I have ALWAYS wanted a pair...and they were adorable...and I have an obsession with shoes!

Hope ya'll had an awesome weekend!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Its OK Thursdays

Its OK...

That I have only washed my hair 1 time since sunday

That I wear so much mascara, when I pray and close my eyes...its hard to open them

That when I get home from work the first thing I do is take off my bra

That I havent worked out in 6 months. But started again last week, and feel AWESOME about it

That I am addicted to reality TV

That I LOVE the new show Duck Dynasty

That right now I have 4 open beverages on my desk. (diet coke, a venti iced passion tea from stbks, water, and a apple izze)

That I thought I wasn't into the Olympics, but I LOVE watching them

That I cant wait to get my first "Little Black Bag" Box in the mail!

That I HATE being hot. You can only get so naked.

That I have 4 pairs of NIKES and am going to buy a 5th pair today

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Go for the Gold!

I am SO tired this morning! I stayed up WAY too late watching the olympics! I just LOVED wastching the Fab Five go for the GOLD in womens gymnastics! Those girls are amazing, and SO strong. I cried when each girl was doing her floor routine, and then when they got their medals I was bawling like a baby. This was when they were waiting to see the final scores......

It got me thinking....can you imagine training SO hard for something for SO long, and then in 90 seconds its over. They each had things that they were AWESOME at, and they each rocked their own strengths. Wacthing their parents watch them was just as insane....
They feel every emotion right their with their kids, and they want them to do well. But if they dont do they still love and support them? Of course they do!  If the girls dont win Gold medals are they still considered to by olympians? Of course they are!

The fact is that they work SO hard because this is their passion....they train and train, and make their bodies do INSANE things, because they want to. They win gold medals, they win silver medals, and even bronze medals...but sometimes they dont.

Its like living a life for Christ. We read the word, and pray, and try to live like He wants us to. Its because we chose to, we accepted Christ, His love for us, and chose to live for Him. Sometimes we have amazing days, where we shine His light, and speak love and truth to people all day long. Those are our Gold medal days. But sometimes we have days where we are disrespectful to our husbands, or short with our kids, irritated with people at work, jealous of our friends new house....or rude to someone at the restaurant. Those are the days when we dont quite win the medal. Does it mean that we aren't followers of Christ? Does it mean that we arent still loved just AS much as the Gold Medal days? OF COURSE NOT! We are still loved, and valued by Him. We are still olympians!

Romans 8:38-39

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Bible says that NOTHING can seperate us from the love of Christ...Gold Medal or not. We are still His.

Go Team Jesus! Go Team USA!
Happy Wednesday!