Sunday, September 30, 2012

Whats your secret?

Secrets. Everyone has them. Some are little....and some are big. Some dont hurt people, and some do.
That guy, hes cheating on his wife.
That 25 year old woman, she throws up everything she puts in her mouth.
That teenager...he cuts himself
That 50 year old woman, she had an abortion when she was 19 and NO one knows. (not even her husband of 30 years)
That happily married couple...the wife has bruises on her back from where he beat her.
All of these people have secrets. Things that they think no one knows.
But someone does know.
God knows. He knows EVERYTHING.
He knows that I cheated on my ex husband more than once.
He knows that I used to stick my fingers down my throat and make myself throw up every day.
He knows that I am disrespectful to my husband.
There isnt anything that I have done in my 31 years on this earth that He doesnt know. He created me, He knows my heart. I cant hide from Him.He has helped me deal with all of these "secrets". And He has forgiven me. I am redeemed.
You cant hide from Him either. He loves you, and He wants to be in your life. All of your secrets...He can help you with those, you can be redeemed. All you have to do is ask.
That guy, hes cheating on his wife. God can restore trust, and save that marriage. Redeemed.
That 25 woman, she throws up everything she puts in her mouth. God can heal her body and restore her self worth. Redeemed.
That teenager...he cuts himself  God can give him confidence and heal his body.Redeemed..  
That 50 year old woman, she had an abortion when she was 19 and NO one knows. (not even her husband of 30 years) God can restore her, and help her heart. Redeemed.
That happily married couple...the wife has HUGE bruises on her back from where he beat her with a toilet brush last night because she didnt clean the bathroom good enough. He can even change this. Redeemed.
God can change ALL of this.  
Whats your secret? Dont hide it from Him...He knows, and He loves you. He really REALLY loves you.
Redeemed. Big Daddy Weave.
Seems like all I could see was the struggle
Haunted by ghosts that lived in my past
Bound up in shackles of all my failures
Wondering how long is this gonna last
Then You look at this prisoner and say to me "son
Stop fighting a fight it's already been won"

I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, now I'm not who I used to be
I am redeemed, I'm redeemed

All my life I have been called unworthy
Named by the voice of my shame and regret
But when I hear You whisper, "Child lift up your head"
I remember, oh God, You're not done with me yet

I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, now I'm not who I used to be

Because I don't have to be the old man inside of me
'Cause his day is long dead and gone
Because I've got a new name, a new life, I'm not the same
And a hope that will carry me home

I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, 'cause I'm not who I used to be

I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe every stain, yeah, I'm not who I used to be
Oh, God, I'm not who I used to be
Jesus, I'm not who I used to be
'Cause I am redeemed
Thank God, redeemed

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Fun!

I did another awesome polish swap with the ladies from Shine On and hairspray and highheels!! This swap was SO fun!
 I was paired with the lovely Collette from caffeinated convos She sent me the most adorable package of goodies! With not 1...not 2...but THREE polishes AND a nail file, super cute toe seperators, and some yummy chapstick! This pretty lady hit my faves perfectly! The colors are super bright and I was super excited that she sent 2 different colors of pink...because a girl can never have too many shades of pink!
Thanks Collette, and thanks to Angela and Meghan!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Date nights, boots and bibles.

The Mister and I always have date night on Wednesday nights...most of the time we go to Applebees and have half priced apps because we are poor we are trying to save money. After our fill of healthy and delicious food like boneless buffalo wings and cheeseburger sliders...we head to a Wednesday night church service called "The Well" its laid back and fun...and its a great date night for us :)
I really liked my outfit today, so I thought I would share it with ya'll....I am loving being able to finally wear boots! (please excuse the craptastic quality of the pic)
I got these signs in for my store, and I LOVE them! they are super sparkly and hot pink....
I also got these ADORABLE hats in...I love hats if you couldnt tell!
Monday night I got to hang out with my nephew....I just adore really, really adore him. Hes presh.
The mister lost his bible....and was complaining about it (he swears it was my fault because he asked me to go by and pick it up from the church where HE left it...and I forgot to. Then it disappeared) So I bought him a new one...a pretty fancy mens devotional bible with a cool case and everything. Then I bought him some gift cards and put them in certain chapters that I know he likes or that I this one is a micky D's card in the Song of Songs...He was super jacked about the bible and even more jacked when he saw that there were surprises!  I love doing things like that for him...Gifts are my love language...not his...but I know that he still really appreciates it!
Hope ya'll are having a great week so far! Only 2 more days till the weekend!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Its OK..just kill em...

Here are some examples of people that you can kill:
  • Your Ex
  • The driver that just cut you off in traffic
  • The lady that took the LAST pair of size 81/2 shoes on the sale rack
  • The rude casheir at the store
  • The Mother in Law that thinks you are not good enough for her son
  • The ladies that say rude things to you without thinking twice
  • The person that thinks they know EVERYTHING and you know nothing
The only way to deal with these people is to kill them. With KINDNESS.

Ever since I was little my mom and dad would tell me to "kill em' with kindness, Heather". When I was in grade school and junior high and people made fun of me SO bad that I had to switch schools....I killed em with kindness. When my mother in law was SO horrible to me that I cried all the time, I killed her with kindness. And when my ex husband does things that make my skin crawl and my temper reach boiling...I kill him with kindness. See, when you fight back or say something snappy back to someone that has offended you or treated you with doesnt hurt them. It only hurts you. When you can give them grace, and smile and say something helps you. It might even help them.

Romans 12:20

The Message (MSG)
20-21 Our Scriptures tell us that if you see your enemy hungry, go buy that person lunch, or if he’s thirsty, get him a drink. Your generosity will surprise him with goodness. Don’t let evil get the best of you; get the best of evil by doing good.

A few weeks ago I was traveling out of town with a group of women for a conference...the first night of the conference we got done really late and we were starving so we went to a fast food restaruant and went through the drive thru. The kid that was so snappy when we were ordering our food...and since we had a large order, by the time we got to the window he was just plain rude. When he was shoving us our food out the window I said with a sweet smile "You look like you've had a rough night...I bet you are ready to be off huh?" he stopped and looked at me kinda shocked and said "Yes...Im tired and just wanna go home" He kinda started to smile... I asked him if they could accept tips and he said yes so I handed him a $10...and told him to have a wonderful night. He BEAMED with pride and said..."Oh I too!!! thank you SO much!". Now lets replay that.....If I would have been rude back to him, or said something about his rudeness to his manager or something along those lines....things wouldnt have ended that way. The poor kid ( I say kid because he looked like he was about 16) looked exhausted and he just wanted to go home. He probly shoudnt have been so rude. I get it. But he deserved a smile and a little grace just like anyone does.

We've all had those days where we want to punch everyone that talks to us in the face just go home and cry. And we've all had days where we bite peoples heads off for even LOOKING at us  are probably not very nice to people in our paths. Think about those days, and how they would be different if someone showed you an extra measure of kindness...I bet they would be different.

And the people that you have to deal with all the time, like the ex's or the inlaws...or even the snotty moms in the PTA....and it goes the same for them. When they bite you....dont bite back. Kill em. Smile, say something sweet.....compliment them. And MEAN it. Then watch what happens. The change might not happen right then and there....but over time there will be a change. It might not come from might be YOU that changes. But I promise change will happen.

Proverbs 21:23

The Message (MSG)
23 Watch your words and hold your tongue;
you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

Proverbs 12:18

The Message (MSG)
18 Rash language cuts and maims,
but there is healing in the words of the wise.

Proverbs 15:1

The Message (MSG)
15 A gentle response defuses anger,
but a sharp tongue kindles a temper-fire.

The tongue is a nasty thing when we want it to be...the tongue and make wounds deep enough to make someone take their own life. Thats pretty crazy stuff. I know that I can be snappy with people...I can be a flat out B-word when I choose to be. But whats the point? To hurt people? To let them know how much they have irritated me, annoyed me, slowed me down or hurt me? There is no point. And I have to stop. I need to started killing people with kindness. So, Imma start killin em'....maybe you should too.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can we talk about something for a sec?

Imma tell you something...Dont judge...k?

I dont wash my face every night. Sometimes I have three or four days worth of mascara on.

I LOVE really really love it. I wear enough mascara to coat an entire army of eyelashes. When I dont have any mascara on people ask me if I am ok...I look sick, or tired, or both. Seriously, one time at my old work I came to work on a weekend with NO makeup on...I didnt think that anyone else would see me, and right as I was leaving a guy that I work with walked in....he looked at me and said "OH MY GOSH, what the (BLEEP) happened to your face. Now I have nice skin, I dont have anything wrong with my face....I just look SO different without makeup on!

When I pick out mascara I try to find the ones that look SUPER thick, because...well I like to look like I have about 60 coats on :) I have worn the same mascara for ever.  These little lovlies are my BFF's. I have a tube of each in my makeup bag, in my purse, and in my gym bag.

The thicker the better. For real. Sometimes when I am praying...I have to open my eyes in the middle of the prayer because it takes a while for me to open eyelashes stick together :)

My momma told me when I was younger that when things get tough, or you are having a rough day...You gotta do four things:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Pray
  3. Put on some more mascara
  4. Pull yourself together
She also told me that you cant hide crazy, but you can disguise it with enough mascara and lip gloss!

Ok, now that I have that off my chest, and all of you chickadees know that I dont wash my face, and I sometimes have enough makeup on to qualify as a hooker clown...I think we're good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This week has already been full of amazingness....
A while ago I signed up for a Mug swap hosted by The Fabulous Dalayna's Blog.....Pointing Up  and Britt over at Yellow Umbrella Design and I was assigned a partner...our mission was to stalk our partners via social media and find a coffee mug perfect for them. Of course I was totally up for the challenge because thats what I do all day is stalk people on social media sites I love to give gifts that make people feel super special! My partner was Myranda Over at Pretty Living in PDX you can check her out to see what I sent her!
Now for the cool part....the person who had me was Jessica   And she sent me the SWEETEST letter telling me why she picked out my mug. was a very very thoughtful and heartfelt note! So thanks made my day when I opened that package!!! 
Yesterday was the best mail day EVER.... Here was what I pulled out of my mail box...
 My New Maybook!!!
 My goodies from Bridier Baubles!

 September Birchbox! LOVED IT!!! My favorite part was the box of Cynthia Rowley Bandaids!! I die!!
 I had to reorganize my closet to showcase my new neck candy :)
The 2nd most awesome thing that happend in the past week was that this movie came out! October Baby is about an young women who finds out that she is an abortion survivor....this story will touch your heart no matter what your beliefs are!  Go HERE and check out the website to see trailers and more info about this AMAZING movie! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Because they deserve it....

In 2009 the mister and I were at a Ken Davis comedy concert and during intermission He came up on stage and talked about Compassion International. They showed pictures of children in the Compassion project areas and something spoke to my heart, and my husband's heart. That night we became "sponsors" to Bethlehem...a sweet little girl from Ethiopia. Its amazing how $38.00 a month can change more than 1 life. Since then, we have been able to send her letters, and she writes us back. We talk about things like school, and holidays.... I pray for that little girl just like I pray for my own kids....and it changes my heart.

When our kids are mad that they can't have the new ipad or $120 jeans...Bethlehem is SO thankful for the chickens that we gave their family for christmas, or the $25 that we sent so they could buy a goat!! It changes everything.

This year at the Women of Faith conference in Spokane they talked about World Vision....and again God spoke very clearly to my heart. He told me to find a child with my daughter Mary's birthday. And I did...her name is Adriana Lucia and she is from Columbia. She is 9 years old....and I am humbled and honored to have her in my life. I can't wait to get my first letter from her!!

Check out world vision here...

Check out Compassion International here.....

Each of these sponsor sponsorships only costs between $35 and $38  a go and look in your wallet, find three receipts (for something other than gas or groceries). Go ahead....I will wait. add up those 3 receipts. Did it come to more than $35 or $38 bucks? I am willing to bet the farm  that it did. Now think about being able to change the life of a child....for the cost of 1 less fro yo, coffee, and lunch out with friends each month.

Why? Because these precious kids deserve it.

These are our sweet girls....Bethlehem and Adriana!



I was SUPER excited for this awesome polish swap!
The ladies over at and put together this awesome polish swap!
My partner was the lovely Rhonda from She picked out a sweet purple polish AND a glittery silver polish! She also sent me a cute little peach colored lip gloss from Mark!
Thanks Rhonda, I love it!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Make me....

It always makes me crazy when I hear someone say "God wont give you more than you can handle!" Because I know...that in fact He WILL give you more than YOU can handle. Because He wants you to need HIM! I know that when I try to do things myself..God just sits up there and LAUGHS his head off. He probably calls the angels over and says "hey ya'll come check this out...Heather is trying to go at it alone...again" and they watch me make everything a big ol' hot mess.
 I know that Jesus loves it when I come to Him broken and needing Him more than I need anything else. When I am so really really empty....He fills me up. And not in a "Oh gosh here comes Heather again...." a "Oh sweet daughter, I am SOOOOOOO happy to see you" its like when you take time to go see your grandma or papa...and you havent been to see them in a long time. When you get there they are SOOOO excited to see you, and when you have to leave they keep trying to get you to stay longer. Thats how I see it with Jesus...when I come to Him, He just wants me to stay with Him.
I know that I am a work in progress...and that as long as I keep coming to Him to make me whole, and healed, and filled....things will work out awesome. Because Jesus is pretty legit. And He loves me, more than anyone on this earth could EVER love me. And guess what...He loves you too. And He WILL give you more than you can handle. But He will NEVER give you more than you can handle with Him. Because you can do ALL things in and through Him.
MMM kay? Have a wonderful weekend Lovies!
"Keep Making Me" Sidewalk Prophets
Make me broken
So I can be healed
‘Cause I’m so calloused
And now I can’t feel
I want to run to You
With heart wide open
Make me broken

Make empty
So I can be filled
‘Cause I’m still holding
Onto my will
And I’m completed
When you are with me
Make me empty

‘Til You are my one desire
‘Til You are my one true love
‘Til You are my breath, my everything
Lord, please keep making me

Make me lonely
So I can be Yours
‘Til I want no one
More than You, Lord
‘Cause in the darkness
I know You will hold me
Make me lonely

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Its ok......

Its okay....
  • its ok that my closet looks like this...But I have NOTHING to wear.
  • its ok that I shaved my legs today. (For the first time in 2 weeks)
  • its ok that I would die without mascara. (and Jesus.)
  • its ok that I have been asking people for money..because its for a GREAT cause. If you wanna know about HERE
  • its ok that I SLAVED over dinner tonight. (We had pizza from pizza hut)
  • its ok that I have 13 kinds of lip gloss in my purse. dont judge.
  • its ok that I am TERRIFIED of ants. any kind of ants.
  • its ok that I miss my mom. She passed away almost 3 years ago, and I miss her SO much.
  • its ok that I am addicted to reality tv. Did ya'll see the finale of the bach. pad? Way to go Nick!
  • its ok that I love my In-laws. They are awesome. And they dont judge me. because they know I have to put up with their son
  • its ok that LOVE the smell of the nail salon. not like in a huffer junkie way.
  • its ok that I dont know how to change a tire. I have AAA.
  • its ok that I LOVE to give people pedicures. unless they are nasty forklift feet like honey boo boos mama

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Football Widow

Its fall...and that means one thing in our house....FOOTBALL! well football for my husband. For me, fall means cute boots, jeans, sweaters, and darker eye makeup

We are DIE hard NEW YORK JETS fans...the mister has been a Jets fan since he was little...and I became a fan by marriage because he threatened me with my life because that's what you do, right?

Its been a rough go...cause the boys playing for the Jets didn't do so hot for a couple years in a row...but then the last few years they have done awesome.

When my husband watches football something happens to him..he turns into a crazy person. Literally, 2 years ago when they were in the play offs, he asked me if I could take the kids and go shopping so that he could be alone to watch the game. When we came back...we saw him through the window..he was jumping up and down and SCREAMING at the TV. Crazy. But he loves his JETS.

He loves this guy the most ....
  Its Revis...DUH

And He kinda likes this guy ....
Or at least he likes him when he can control the ball and throw good passes.....

And I love this guy...
Mostly I love him because he is SUPER HOT He loves Jesus...and He isn't afraid to talk about it...he is UNASHAMED of the gospel. And I think he is good for professional football. My husband thinks he should be a running back instead of a QB...but I think he deserves a good chance. As long as He and Sanchez can play nice with each other.

The mister is upset because there are tons of bandwagon JETS fans now, just because of Tim Tebow.

The Jets play the Seahawks in Seattle this year and I am taking the mister to the game for his Christmas present...he is SUPER excited to see the game. I am Super excited to see the hot boy pictured above the game too, I hope they kick some Seahawk tail feathers.

So Good luck Boys...please win some games...because my husband is crabby and crazy when you don't.

Well football fans, I hope you have enjoyed my extremely thorough report about the New York Jets. Who knows, maybe I can be the next Erin Andrews.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guest Post and A little something special....

This past week I had an opportunity to do a guest post with the ever fabulous Dalayna...Check it out here: Click here and you wont regret it. I promise. For Real.

There is also a FABULOUS giveaway...I am giving you some of my FAVORITE things, plus a $20 Credit to my Scentsy site and a $20 credit to my Thirty One Gifts site.

Its the real deal kids. Check it out. You dont even need your parents permission :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

King Tutankhamun....Whoever He is...

Hello Boys and Girls! Actually, I am sure that you are mostly girls...or ladies to be exact, but we cant offend the boys now, can we?

So over the weekend we went to visit the Pacific Science Center in Seattle Washington. They were having a special exhibit called "King Tut - The Exhibition". It was one of the coolest things ever. like ever. And I am not into history that much...this was the Do people still say that?

As we were walking through the HUGE exhibit, I was totally into it...except for one thing. They kept talking about King Tutankhamun and his family, his cats, and all his other goods. I kept thinking...ok, ok enough with this dude, where is King Tut? I mean thats who we are all here to see right? So after we were done, and in the car...the kids were talking about how cool it was, and then my husband was joking around saying how he would hate to have the name Tutankhamun...and its no wonder that they called him King Tut for short. I looked at him and started laughing....Ya'll I didnt realize that King Tutankhamun was King Tut...and I was SOOO frustrated that we didnt get to see all of King Tut's stuff. Lets just say I will NEVER be able to live that one down with the mister OR with my kids.

Ok, so now that you know how completely and totally smart and up to par with my history facts I am...we can proceed.

This is from the website about the exhibit....
"Step into one of history's most treasured stories in Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs, now open at Pacific Science Center. The exhibition features more than 100 objects from King Tut's tomb and ancient sites representing some of the most important rulers throughout 2,000 years of ancient Egyptian history. With more than twice the number of artifacts than the original Tut exhibit that toured in the 1970s, many of these objects have never toured in the United States before this exhibit. Come face-to-face with the largest image of King Tut ever unearthed - a 10-foot statue of the pharaoh found at the remains of the funerary temple of two of his high officials. See authentic objects from King Tut's tomb including jewelry, furniture and ceremonial items, as well as the boy king's golden sandals - created specifically for the afterlife and covering his feet when his mummified remains were discovered in 1922 by British explorer Howard Carter."

Here are some pics from the day...pardon the craptastic quality, I had to use my phone, and I couldnt use a flash.

PhotoThis my friends, is a HUGE jewelry box...I mean HUGE. Like as big as a microwave. King T had some serious ice :)
PhotoAny guesses on what this is? Its a TOILET seat. Looks SUPER comfy.

This is a picture of the tomb itself. There were 5 rooms! Holy Moly...
King T and his peeps didnt just bury their pets under the old oak tree...they made a huge stone sarcophagus for mr. whiskers. This is the sarcophagus that held his cat.
And this gem was the container that held his internal organs..his heart and liver. They were buried with him. To help him in the after life. Cray-Z.
Now this is what I want in MY huge jewelry box. See that earring in the middle? Its as big a my hand. And that crown on the top is made of SOLID gold. As we were looking at this stuff I was thinking "Geez, I bet they have alot of security on this stuff"....and as I was thinking this, a guy walked up and stood next to the case, this his hand in his jacket....on a gun! Haha, I must have looked like I was going to steal something!

This is another earring....Its even bigger than the first one...its a big as my....ummm...foot :)
And these my little chickadeeades....were King T's golden sandals, Toe and Finger protectors. Made for him to wear in the afterlife....Now those sandals werent made for comfort. They look SO horrible. But, I would for sure where them. Because they are made of solid gold. Duh.
This was just awesome....the mask that was over King T's face in his sarcophugus. Pretty Legit.

Okay kiddos, there you have it. King T's digs. Love it. Like it. Your welcome. I am for hire if the history channel needs someone :)