About Me

My name is Heather,I am a Lover of Christ, a wife, mother, friend and grace giver... Life in the Lawless house is insane with 4 kids between the mister and I..from ages 17 to 9....but God keeps us going and grounded! I work as Development Director for Life Choices...where we save babies, help moms, and break cycles...I LOVE my job! I am also a stylist and have been doing hair for a little over 10 years! I love that God has giving me the gift of creativity, and I love making people feel GREAT about themselves! I am starting on a journey this year (2013) to lose 100 pounds, being at a point where I am the heaviest I have ever been. I know that this will be a long road...but a road worth taking. I am not going to blog ALL about my weight loss journey..but some bits and pieces, because I would love support and accountability. I love mascara, worship and ANYTHING pink or sparkly...I say fabulous alot and I LOVE to make people laugh. Welcome to Lawless Life!