Thursday, November 29, 2012

Its Tea time ya'll....

I have a problem. Actually I have lots of problems...but we are just talking about one for now......I over commit myself. I like to be involved with EVERYTHING. G-word forbid that I am left out of something.
I have hosted a table at our church's Christmas tea for a of couple years, but this year I told them I couldnt do it because I was too broke  too busy. But then...I found out that there isnt enough hostesses or tables for all the women who want to go. So I said I would do it.
Now, I have no idea of a theme or colors or anything. And its on SATURDAY at 4. And I am out of town until SATURDAY at noon. Fun stuff. So help me out lovies, and help me think of a theme....
this is what I have done before, gotta love the pink....right? Right.
I also need help me with that idea too. Oh...and I need something cute to wear. If you could just send something to my house, that would be great!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cara Box November!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love presents? Yeah..I think so. Have I mentioned that gifts are my love language? I think so....So I am just in love with this FABULOUS idea that Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals started!
"Awesome things in the mail + Meeting new women + Encouragement = Cara Box
Each month there is a different theme. Anything from a season, to a color, to a topic (like fashion or childhood).
You get paired up with another blogger, email back and forth to get to know each other, and will crazily stalk their the most non-creepy way.
Towards the middle of the month you will create a box or package, specifically for the woman you were paired with, and ship it off to her & she will do the same for you. "

It's like having a birthday 12 months of the year!
I love this idea! Last month my partner was Falen...and the theme was the best of fall! She sent me an adorable package you can see here!
This month my amazing and fabulous partner was Ashley from Wanna Be Green!
The theme this month was favorite childhood memories! I told her that some of my favorite memories were me putting on my moms makeup! She sent me the most awesome pacakge filled with E.L.F makeup! When I was little I was obssessed with my moms mascara and lipstick...So of course she sent me some of that! She also sent me a cozy fleece scarf (hot pink of course) and some fabulous coupons for makeup....because that is something that she enjoys doing with her oldest to make memories!!
I LOVE my cara box this month, and I LOVE ashley!!! I am so so so loving the fact that we get to make new bloggy friends! Ashley loves God..and she loves her babies, and I am SO glad to call her my friend now!!!
 Here are the goods!!
If you wanna see what I sent Ash...check it out HERE!
And if you want to join in the Cara Box can do that HERE!
Happy Tuesday Fabulous Ones!!!


Wanna see?

I got my hair did and my brows waxed on Wednesday before thanksgiving....I was brave enough to cut about an inch and a half off...and get a couple of foils....I have NEVER ever colored my hair until this year when the good man upstairs decided that it was time to give me grey hair. It turned out super cute.....
This was Thanksgiving day at my aunts house...there were about 30 of us there. I just love it...we have such a big family! The only thing that sucks about going somewhere else for thanksgiving is that you dont have leftovers. Ya feel me? Yeah..because we all need 4 days worth of turkey. and stuffing and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes
Me and the step kiddos.....
Me and my daddy...I love him SO much....Does anyone else feel like their dad is a super hero? I always have....when he got diagnosed with MS...I finally realized that he is human....but he is still the strongest, kindest most loving man I know!
The his invisible cape. Ummm...ok.
My aunt mary, and shoog (my nephew Ian) She was feeding him pumpkin pie with a crap ton of cool whip on it....he LOVED it!

I was SUPER late for church on Sunday.......(dont judge) was the first time I was trying to do my new hair!
And who doesn't love a pic with the picture post is complete without that!

Monday, November 26, 2012

I feel like a grown up blogger!

Hey beauties! I feel like a grown up blogger today, as I have a guest post up and ready for you enjoy...over at Ashleys place flats to flip flops! She is pretty much the bomb dot com. I would LOVE for you to check her out!

So here is the it...or not...........................

Just kidding...I am not going to give you all the deets gotta go check out Ashleys Blog!

Have a fabulous monday! CYBER monday!!! (I still think thats sounds creepy...)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love. Thankful.

I have been a bad girl. No blogging for me. Things have been so busy, I havent been able to even watch Duck Dynasty or RHOBH. Because thats what life is all about ya know.
Just kidding. THIS is what life is about...and these are some of the many
reasons I am SOOO thankful.
My step daughter Kendra. She is amazing. She is 16 and is SO strong and courageous. She loves God and she loves people.
This was me, washing the misters stinky feet on our wedding day. A promise to serve one another in love. forever. pretty legit.
This is Colton, my 11 year old step son. He is a warrior :) He is funny, and sweet, and he looks like his dad. I love him tons.
This is the day we started our forever. We said I do. And we've been rich and poor, sick and healthy....but we have done it all together. He is my favorite.
This is my baby girl. She is 8, she is the light of my world. (well, God is the light of my world...but she lights it up too) She is sassy, and sweet...and I love her to the moon and back and around and around.
This is Meg...she is beautiful, and 13...and awesome.
He washed my feet too.....and I think he might have tried to look up my dress cried a little.
This is my daddy...he is my rock. He is the man that didnt have to be, but he was. And I love him more than he could ever know. He loved my mom with all that he had. And he loves me...and my family.
PS..dont say ONE word about the fact that this picture is sideways. Mmm kay? I like it that way. :)
Happy PRE Turkey Day my little Sweet Potatoes! Gobble till you Wobble tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Its time.

I have mentioned before that the mister and I have date night on Wednesday nights...we have dinner out and then we go to a church service called "the well". Its awesome...its laid back, and the theme is "no perfect" people and that its not a "perfect service". Tonight the pastor talked about being unsettled. He talked about being reckless with Gods love, and giving radically. He talked about how so many of us have so much excess...and how we don't give. We don't give of ourselves or of our gifts. It hit me really hard.
About 7 years ago, the mister and I were in some big financial trouble. We were about to get married, and we had a ton of debt from our previous marriages. We made the choice to file bankruptcy. The bank was going to take our cars. When you have 4 kids, and no can get pretty tough. Well...about 1 hour before we were supposed to surrender our car over to the bank our church called and said that they needed to talk to us. So we headed over to the church. When we got there, there was a couple standing in the foyer and they said..."we would like to give you a car." I shook my head like I didn't hear them correctly...Huh? You wanna GIVE us a car? Yes, we would like to give you this suburban. And just like that...expecting NOTHING in return they gave us a suburban. I remember riding home in that old blue suburban crying my eyes out..being completely overwhelmed by the blessing we had just received.  
(the big blue "burban" as the kids called it)
About 1 year later, the mister lost his job of 10 years. I remember being hysterical because we had so many bills...and I was already working 3 jobs. One night we had gone to an event at our church and when we came home there were bags and bags of groceries on our patio. (it was cold outside so everything was still good!) I means BAGS of 9 bags of groceries. There was everything from chicken and hamburger to doritos, oatmeal, pasta, oreos and bananas! I called to my parents to say thank you (because I was sure that it was them who had left them) and my mom kept saying "baby, i love you and I was going to come over tomorrow to take you to get some groceries, but I didnt leave those". I hung up the phone and just cried. The mister and I STILL have NO IDEA who left those groceries on our porch.
Each of those times, and many MANY times more....people have given to bless us. They were reckless love and with their giving.
God has really blessed us in the past 3 years, and we have been able to give back. It feels so good to be able to bless people, just like we were blessed.
As the thanksgiving and Christmas are getting makes me think about the people that cant afford food...the kids who cant afford coats. The family who cant buy ANYTHING for their kids for Christmas...heck, they cant even buy them snow boots or gloves. It WRECKS me inside. It breaks my heart.
The mister and I are going to be reckless with our love and with our giving. Its time. Its time to love like we are called to love and give like we are called to give. What about you? Is it time for you to give....time to love recklessly?

Because I am obsessed... you should be too.

Today is a super busy day. Filled with lots of important stuff. And lots of important people. But I felt the need to give you pretty little peaches something to watch.  I am obsessed with Duck Dynasty. I love it and I wish I was a Robertson.So here you go.Your welcome.
Hope that made you happy, happy, happy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

They said the C word!

I have always been one that thinks its CRAZY to start all the Christmas hype before your thanksgiving turkey is even in the oven. But I have been drinking the koolaid lately...I've been listening to Christmas music...and I just cant stop going down the Christmas aisles at Target and Walmart. Its like a drug. The glitter sucks me in.
And then there is pinterest....Its like a big conspiracy to make you feel like you suck at decorating...or a ploy to make you stay up for hours and hours trying to recreate this "simple project".
I feel like all of those would end in something that looks like a 3 year old made it or decorated it.
But I still LOVE the idea of making everything sparkly and pretty...Christmas was my moms favorite holiday. Our tree was always GORGEOUS, and there was a different theme every year. She would wrap gifts in the most amazing wrapping paper...and everything looked like art. She wore sparkly shoes that lit up when she sweaters that would blind you if the light hit them right....and dangly christmas earrings...She really really loved Christmas. I think that's where I get it...but because of her and my Dad, I also know that Christmas is about something more than the sparkles and decorations....its about a baby born in a manger. A Baby that grew up, died for my sins...and gives me the assurance that I will see my momma again someday. Maybe that's why I love Christmas even more now...because it represents the hope that I have.
So I guess its OK that I am drinkin the crazy koolaid and jammin out to my N'sync christmas jams...because I know what Christmas is REALLY about. And none of it involves presents or DIY sparkle projects.


This is what happens when I need "just a few things from Costco"! That store is like the devil!! Always makin you want more, and the samples are evil too...I swear half of the crap in,that cart is some thing that was being sampled! Well done sample ladies...well done!
This picture makes me smile...I found it when I was going through some old boxes. This was on mothers day in 2005, my grandma baptized my baby girl! My mom and dad were there and I remember my mom crying and telling me that she was SO proud of me that I wanted to raise my baby girl with Jesus.

I found these SWEET leg warmers and boots socks at the little store called Kings...I love em! They were only 3 I bought 4 pairs!
We took this little presh to get his pictures taken, like old timey sepia pics...he hated it.
I had a lunch date with this handsome boy...he wore shorts and flip flops. It was snowing outside. I get step mom of the year award. It wasn't worth the fight.
This is my new war board at work. I cant wait to see what God will do through our visions.
Happy Monday Fabulous Peeps!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its OK...

Its OK......

that I AGAIN woke up too late to put makeup on....

that I am glad the election is over. I might not be happy with the results but I am over people being mean to other people about it. You can read my feelings about that here.

that I am addicted to Starbucks salted Carmel mochas and veggie breakfast sandwiches. ADDICTED.
that I LOVE cute accessories and fashion, but sometimes I am TOO lazy to get cute.
that I sometimes get road rage and scream at people when I drive. I don't flip em off or anything...just scream.
that if I don't have coffee in the 1pm I am asleep at my desk
that I am already getting excited about green bean casserole and mashed potatoes on thanksgiving
that I hit the snooze about 7 times before I get out of bed. Don't do it too.
that I love glitter...I would roll in glue and then roll in glitter and wear it to work every day if I could.
that I also love Christmas because EVERYTHING is sparkly!
that I am an instagram addict. I apologize for all of you on FB who have to see all my pics. just deal with it. :)
that I had a dream about a week ago that I found a baby on the side of the road, and when I took it to the hospital, they let me keep it. So we adopted it...then when we did our taxes we got a $16,000 tax credit and paid off my car, and bought a pony for the baby. We named her Piper.
that now you think I am crazy. Its really ok. I am.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chillax my people...

It seems as if everyone has lost their minds over what happened last night.
People are spewing hatred and nastiness all over the interwebs (haha, thats what my gramma calls it). So I have some advice. CHILLAX PEOPLE. Stop being mean. Or Imma put you in the naughty chair and make you eat bully soup (split pea soup that makes kids gag!)
God knew what was gonna happen yesterday... He knows what happened today...and He knows what will happen tomorrow.
Who knows....Maybe Obama will do an amazing job for the next four instead of bashing him and his family...pray for him, his family and our country. And if he doesn't do a good job and doesn't change anything...well, you can pray for him then too.
After your done these. Why? Because I said so...AND it will make you smile. And if you don't like to smile then you are cray cray....
Happy Hump Day Tater Tots!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Balcony or Basement?

Are you a balcony person or a basement person?
We all have those people in our lives who are always complaining about something...or being critical of us...or being critical of someone else. Those are basement people. When you spend time with them, they bring you down...drag you down....instead of building you up.
We also have those people in our lives who are positive...even when they have problems, they don't dwell on them...they encourage others, and bring joy to people. They are balcony people. Because they cheer people on, and build them up.
Here is a disclaimer...I am SUPER afraid of the dark. Like SUPER DUPER afraid. I HATE the dark. and I HATE basements.
I just know that when the lights go off, or I have to go to the basement...I am gonna get eaten by some savage beast.
So WHY do I act like a basement person sometimes? Why do I complain about things that I cant change...or things that are NONE of my business? Why do I try to drag people down with me? I am sure that they don't like the basement any more than I do!
I want to be a balcony person! For my kids, for my hubby, and for my friends. I want to be a joy giver...a life giver...not a joy stealer. I want to be the person that my friends call when they need to be lifted up. I need to be their biggest cheerleader...the person that encouraged them to take one more step.
So......What kind of a person are you?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend for us.

The mister and I just got back from an amazing weekend together! We went to a marriage conference called weekend to remember. We volunteered so we were able to go for free!
It is an amazing time to re~ charge with your spouse that word is so weird...spouse..its like a bird or something.  Before we went this weekend someone said to me "you guys are always going to marriage conferences or reading books or going to couples groups on how to make your marriage you marriage that bad?" I laughed (after i resisted the urge to smack them) and said "actually our marriage is the best it's ever been..." I just thought it was really funny... I told her it's like when you use your cell phone all day and you never plug it in what happens? It dies.. it doesn't die because the phone broken it just dies because the battery is dead. You can have the best marriage in the world... but if you don't take time for each other... to date each other.. or to work on your marriage... it will slowly die... not because it's broken but because you didn't re charge the batteries! 
The Mister and I go on a date every single Wednesday... and we do everything we can to strengthen our marriage... it's the most important relationship that we have.
And this weekend was a wonderful time away and time to recharge with the just each other!
We stayed here and it was so beautiful! Our room had an amazing view of the lake!
We wrote love letters to each other...
we ate at fancy restaurants... we laughed we cried... and we loved on each other.. it was awesome!
Life gets so busy with kids, work, and the world....but really....take time to date your husband or wife...take time to be with them AND only them. Put away the cell phones, turn off the TV, and look at them. Tell them you love them, and tell them WHY you love them. Nurture this amazing gift that God gave you.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Its Ok Thursday

Its Ok that I dont have all my makeup on today...and that I would rather sleep for an extra 15 minutes than get up and get cute.
Its Ok that I still stop and get coffee before work even though I am running late. (I wasnt late to work...just not early like usually) dont judge.
Its Ok that the little knats outside give me PANIC attacks. they get all over you when you walk to and from your car. I HATE them. they serve no purpose.
Its Ok that the Mr. and I didnt stay home and hand out candy to trick or treaters. Wednesday is our date night and nothing stands in the way of that. :)
Its Ok that I gag when I brush my teeth...that means I am doing a good job. right?
Its Ok that I love watching dancing with the stars and then I go to my room and practice.
Its NOT ok when the Mr. catches me practicing my DWTS moves. its private stuff ya'll!
Its Ok that I listened to Justin Bieber Christmas music on my way to work this morning. I love this song!
Its Ok that I already have a gameplan down for my Black Friday shopping.....
Its Ok that I LOVE this movie....
Happy Thursday my lil' Punkins!