Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lady Antebellum - Webisode Wednesday - Episode 116

I LOVE LADY A...they are talented and fabulous and I LOVE all of their songs :) even this one! HA!


I am SO ready for this week to be OVER! Its been hectic at work...and my BFF is coming to spend the weekend with me! So, I got here are some random thoughts that probably will make no sense to anyone else but me...

  • I made chicken fajitas for dinner tonight..they smell so good, but I cant eat them until my dad gets here for our wednesday night LOST dinner date!
  • I love mexican food, and I miss galveston/Houston because they have UH MAZE ING mexican food there. (mainly queso)
  • I am addicted to LOST after my dad bought all of the seasons, he decided that we should watch it together on wednesdays and fridays..and I cant get enough of that show!
  • I love spending time with my dad, and I cherish it even more now that my mom is gone, and I know how fast life can change. (ya' your mom and tell her you lover her, and let your dad know how much you love him too)
  • I want to DEEP clean my house, but I am lazy..
  • I wish I had a maid, so I could actually be lazy and not do anything!
  • I got to talk to my baby girl today..which makes me heart SO happy
  • I know that there are certain people who read this blog and "judge" me...
  • guess what...I dont care! :)
  • There are knats outside, everytime I walk outside they get stuck in my hair and then I feel like I have bugs crawling on me for like an hour.
  • I need to clean and organize my closet..for reals!
  • Teenage girls should not where bikinis that show all their reeces pieces, girls cover up those goodies!
  • I've gained 60 pounds since my mom died in October, and I NEED to go to the gym
  • looking at recent pictures of myself makes me mad that I used food for comfort, and not Jesus
  • I love Jesus
  • I love my hubby, I made a challenge for myself on sunday that I would tell him EVERY day for 30 days something that I respect about him, or something that he does that I am thankful for! (Ive done it every day since sunday :) )
  • I want to go to Vegas again and stay at Aria, those suites are SWEET! :)
  • I am terrified of snakes, and every morning, I think I will step on one when I walk to my car
  • I've never even seen a snake here at our house :)
  • If I did... I would want to move

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. How do you take your coffee on an average day? How do you like your coffee if you’re splurging? I like my coffee with any kind of flavored creamer! And when I am splurging...I get a quad iced white annihalator from Dutch Bros. its my FAVORITE, and its very addicting!

2. What is your genre of books to read? I like chick books, christian fiction, and devotional or self help books..I should read the bible more too..

3. Where do you want to retire, if you could go anywhere? I would like to buy a cabin on the Couer d Alene Lake, or maybe on the coast somewhere.

4. The 17-year-old you is told to write a 10-minute speech. What topic would you have picked?The importance of making mistakes, and LEARNING from them!

5. What word describes you best?HOTMESS (hahaha!)

6. What is the next “event” that you are looking forward to? (ex.: vacation, moving, date, job change, etc) October, when we go to Galveston to see baby girl

7. Do you like to discuss controversial topics or do you prefer to avoid those types of conversations? It depends on who I am talking to, and if I want to get a reaction out of them or not.

8. Would you rather add 4 free hours to each day, or add 1 extra day to the week? 4 free hours to the day, as long as they werent hours spent working, and I could spend time with the hubs, or other members of my family.

9. If you created a sports team; what would your colors and mascot be? The Zany Zebras!! Black and White :)

10. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach? Oh wow, I dont think that I could be a teacher, but I would feel most comfortable with teens, and I would like to teach a "life skills" many teen girls have NO idea how to do things like cook, or sew a button :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip to Boise

This last weekend, I went down to southern Idaho to visit my cousin, and to go to the Boise Music Festival. We had a blast! I stayed at her house with her and her hubs..and her crazy poochies...she has two pugs and a mutt :) they are CRAZY!!

The first night that I got there, it was like 10:30 and I was starving so we ran to applebees for some half price apps...and the craziest thing happened! They sat us in the back part of the restaurant, and there was a couple sitting behind us. My cousin was like OMG...those people are totally making out! I thought to myself, yeah right...who mugs down in a restaurant full of people?? Ya'll I kid you not, these people were MUGGING down like no other...his hands were ALL over her reeses pieces, and you could here every kiss...then he started singing to her IN SPANISH! It was sooooooooo uncomfortable! We asked the host if we could move, and she said yes, and then she was like "oh, you dont wanna sit by "the couple"? Seriously??? They knew this was going on, and didnt do anything! YUCK!

Anyways ....

These are some yummy cupcakes that we bought at the music festival...they were DEE LISH US! No joke...they were legit :) (key lime coconut, strawberry shortcake, bubblegum)

We also had frozen yogurt after lunch on Saturday, I had cake batter yogurt with strawberries, and white chocolate chips! YUM!

When I moved back to Idaho from the south, I missed this place sooooooo much! They have the BEST queso and tortilla soup I was so jacked when I found out that there was one in boise! We had lunch there on Saturday :)

On saturday morning, we went to the Boise farmers market, and there was tons of awesome booths, and there was THIS store! called PINK! how fun! I of course had to take my pic with the store front!

Me and my fabulous cousin!! Rowdy red heads! :)

My long arm shot of the weekend....

It was a great weekend...we got to see Macy Gray, and the Backstreet Boys...along with 50 thousand other people! I'm not kidding there were SO many people...and it was 5 million degrees, so everyone was sweaty and nasty...and bumping into me..I almost lost it a few times...but then I chilled out!
I went to church with my cuz on Sunday, and her church was awesome! They have a great mission statement, about training people up to go out and make disciples!
All in all, it was a great weekend! I wish that the hubs could have gone with me, but it was great to have an all girls weekend! Thanks Steph! :)

My Favorite scents

My top two favorite perfumes....These are fabulous, and I LOVE THEM!
I wear this one in the fall and through winter....
Chanel Chance

And this one in the spring and through the summer! (please excuse the half naked woman holding the bottle...not sure what thats about!)

Chanel Chance Tender Eau (plus its pink!)

Friday, July 23, 2010


I just listed some FABULOUS handbags on ebay...both are Brand new with tags..COACH handbags...

One is a black signature poppy tote
The other is a fabulous op art coated canvas tote...this tote is really large, big enough for a travel tote, or baby bag, or even a beach bag!

For more info and pricing, search my seller id: marysmom25 on Ebay!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

bath poofies

I am a beauty product junkie, shower gels, bubble bath, shampoo, and of course makeup...and I LOVE my shower its huge and favorite part of showering is my huge bath poofie that I lather up with my shower gel and scrub away the day...until the other day

I was walking by the shower...there is no door, our shower is like a little marble room in itself, with a large lip to step over, so the water doesnt come out..hubs was in the shower and I saw something pink out of the corner of my eye...


This is the conversation...

Me: are you using my poofie?

Hubs: Yes...

Me: are you serious, thats sick...thats nasty get your own poofie...

Hubs: are you kidding? We sleep in the same bed and kiss, (and the other things that come with being married :) ) but I cant use your poofie?

Me: NO! its mine, thats why its pink...and if you need one i will buy you one...but you cant use mine!! I dont want your boy funk on my poofie!!

(at this point he is about to fall over laughing, and I am trying SO hard to be serious!)

Hubs: whatever...(then he scubs his armpit with my poofie)

Me: Your a punk (I say as I walk away and he is DYING laughing)

(fast forward to a few days later, last night)

Me: did you see that I bought another poofie? Its blue..

Hubs: for me?

Me: No, for me, you can have the pink one...

Hubs: Why? I should get the blue one, and you can have your pink one!

Me: NO!! You already defiled the pink one, so now its yours, and the new blue one is mine!

Hubs: Babe, I love you, but you've got issues

Me: I know...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boise and backstreet boys!

This weekend I am going to Boise to stay with my cousin stephanie, and we are going to the Boise music festival...I got tickets from work, and I have to tell you , I am pretty jacked to see these guys....

And she's pretty cool...

But I dont really care about him...

HAHA! yes you read that right, the backstreet boys will be there, along with Macy gray, and Brett Michaels...what can I say...its a free concert! I know that my cousin and I will have a blast!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Oh...monday how I loathe you!

I so didnt want to get out of bed this morning! I was SO tired!

It was a great weekend! Saturday was the KRLC pinic, one of our biggest events all year, we had over 400 people there, and the non profit that we worked with (The Honor them foundation, they work with vacation properties to give free vacations to returning combat vets!) to serve the food at the event raised over 650 bucks! YAY!

I was there from 9am till 10pm, and when I got home I was EXHAUSTED! :)

Sunday, Rick had to work, and the kids went back to their moms, so I slept was GLORIOUS! Then when Rick got off we went to see Grownups and had dinner at Zanys..the movie wasnt as funny as I had hoped but oh well. After the movie we went to Spot on Yogurt but they were out of Cakebatter yogurt! SAD!

We were in bed by 10, and it was wonderful!

Happy Monday Ya'll! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tea Parties

One of the fun things that we did when M was here...we went to a local Tea House here in town, and M LOVES it! We always go when she is here....She says, Mommy, can we go to the tea party place? When we do, she is soooo lady like, she says "one lump or two" and she holds her pinky up! She is such a little princess! :) It would have been so awesome to take my mom there with M...they both would have been in 7th heaven with eachother!!

The tea house has hats and shoes and gloves for the patrons to try on...its so fun!

She LOVES to play dress up!!!!


This is one of the crap magnets in my kitchen.....
This is how it should look!!!

And this is how the cabinet looks when my fam puts away dishes....

But this is what it should look like!!

Why cant they just put stuff away..the right way??? :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lilly Tote!

The Company She Keeps.... is giving away a Lilly Pulitzer tote!! YAY!!

Head over to her blog and check it out!

Child like faith

Matthew 18:3 - And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven"

Faith Like A Child - Jars of Clay

Dear God, surround me as I speak, the bridges that I walk across are weak Frustrations fill the void that I can't solely bear Dear God, don't let me fall apart, you've held me close to you I have turned away and searched for answers I can't understand

They say that I can move the mountains And send them falling to the sea They say that I can walk on water If I would follow and believe with faith like a child

Sometimes, when I feel miles away and my eyes can't see your face I wonder if I've grown to lose the recklessness I walked in light of you

They say that I can move the mountains And send them crashing to the sea They say that I can walk on water If I would follow and believe with faith like a child

"I've got joy like a fountain!" "Be kind one to others" "In Jesus Christ Your son"

They say that I can move the mountains And send them crashing to the sea They say that I can walk on water If I would follow and believe

They say that love can heal the broken They say that hope can make you see They say that faith can find a Savior If you would follow and believe with faith like a child

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missing my baby girl


I miss you today, very much. I bought you a backpack today, and I am going to send it to you, so you have use it on your first day of 1st grade!!! I am so proud of you, and so blessed by the amazing little girl you are. I miss you laugh, and I miss hearing you tell me how much you love me every five minutes, feeling your sweet little hand holding mine..every day you are gone, my heart aches...but I know that God has a plan for your life, and I know that because I trust Him, everything will be ok.

I love you baby girl.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Rom 8.28)


Convo last night as we were in bed:

Hubs: *big exasperated sigh* Baby, you've gotta start turning off lights

Me: You've gotta stop annoying me (kidding of course)

Hubs: Well, me annoying you doesnt cost us money, you've gotta start turning the fan off (we sleep with a fan on at night) when you wake up too. *very matter of fact voice* it costs us alot of money to keep the lights on all the time, and the fan running all day.

Me: Well, you've gotta stop leaving your underwear on the floor in the bathroom when you get in the shower...

Hubs: that doesnt cost us money, either

Me: Well it annoys me...and when I'm annoyed I like to shop...and that costs us money

Hubs: Okay...I will start putting them in the dirty clothes

HA! I win! :)

( I really do need to start turning lights off...but he doesnt need to know that I know that!)

Twist of Lime: New New New!

Wendy over at Twist of Lime is celebrating her new look and new name...check out her sweet giveaway!

Twist of Lime: New New New!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I had lunch with a friend today, and I was very very much I have to be thankful for.

  • A God who loves me despite my ugly ugly sin
  • A husband who loves me despite all of the crap I give him
  • A beautiful healthy little girl who knows the Lord and who knows how much I love her
  • 3 healthy, smart, amazing step kids
  • A job (that I might not like all the time, but it pays the bills)
  • A husband who has a job
  • family members whom I adore and love more than anything
  • friends who would do anything for me
  • a gorgeous house (with room for everyone!)
  • two cars that run
  • food in my fridge
  • clean water
  • health insurance
  • enough money to pay bills and still afford crap I dont need like designer handbags and clothesfun stuff
  • a good relationship with my husband
  • a husband who knows the Lord

I am so blessed, and I know that the Lord has given everything I have to me...and its my prayer that I never EVER take that for granted!



I watched RHONJ last night and the throw down between Teresa and Danielle (who is certifiable) as much as I wanted to watch Teresa kick Danielles hoochie butt like the was kinda disturbing!
And after it was over, when Teresa was home explaining it to Joe she was like "didnt I do a good job?" and they high fived eachother...not sure what that was about!

this show is addicting...I love reality shows because they are so drama filled and fake real! I think they should come and do a RH of Idaho! HA!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Okay so this is my last post of our trip to Las vegas...I still have more pics...but I will bust them out at some random times later...
On our last night there we went to see KA..and we ate at Emerils..can I just say 3 words?? DEE LISH US...seriously! It was some of the best food I've ever put in my mouth! This was Ricks Ahi tuna
And this ya'll was my dads salmon..I dont eat salmon because its nasty and fishy and gross of the texture but my dad made me try this..and it was so yummy!
Mary was a little princess at dinner...she drank her sprite out of a wine glass and she used table manners, she just loved having a big girl dinner!

both my dad and mary have their eyes kinda closed in this pic..but I still thought it was post worthy!

This was humpty dumpty in the venetian...she saw it and said very matter of factly "mom, you have to take a picture of me with that!"

On this day, we walked ALOT and I told her we were going somewhere special and that she could put on all of the makeup that she wanted....ya'll you should have seen her eyes light up!

Sephora = Heaven on earth (this is one of the largest sephoras in the USA!)

Mary after her makeup job....doesnt she look fabulous!

She was in 7th heaven and she put on about 1,234,556 layers of makeup and I let her...because shes my daughter and I can!

This was also at the venetian...this guy was all painted white..and he stood there for hours, there is NO way I could do that job!

Mary liked to lay on the window sill of our hotel room, and pretend she was "tanning"

I tried to get some of the "vegas" background

One night we went to Excaliber to Eat at "Dicks last resort" we had heard about it, and it was the most interesting dining experiance! The waiter threw our straws and napkins at us, and called my dad granpa and AARP...they made Mary a hat that said " I fart in the bath tub and bite the bubbles" yes, its nasty I know..but it was all part of the experience.

Mary girl and spongebob...look at her pageant girl pose!

M and M world!

I dont need to explain this one

Breakfast with Pappy!

Waiting SO patiently to watch the pirate show at treasure island...

The pirate show was a hotties guys against hoochies girls battle and the guys burned the girls' closets! Now thats just a plain ol' sin!

Here is a pic of the hotties pirate guys..

And the sluts sirens of the sea

Me and my daddy!