Wednesday, January 30, 2013

my big fat (not so) secret.

Ok so you have read all about how I hate to be told that I have a pretty face here
and here . But I havent actually told you guys how much I struggle with my weight. Well, maybe I have.
But at this point in my life I am the heaviest I have EVER been. I am ashamed to say that I weigh 277 pounds. (my own husband doesnt know how much I weigh) thats almost THREE HUNDRED pounds. thats 2 people who weight 150 pounds. I feel disgusted with myself. I am 40 pounds heavier then when I gave birth my daughter almost 9 years ago. I am 100 pounds heavier then when I got pregnant with her. I cannot believe that I let myself get this fat. As I write this tears are streaming down my face and I feel like I am going throw up.
I decided last week that I am over it. I am done with the fad diets, the weight loss gadgets and the things that I have done to lose weight that have REALLY harmed my body (being bulimic for 2 years).
I started back at the gym, and am trying to eat right. It just feels different this doesnt feel like I am going to give up. I feel stronger. I feel like I know I can do it.
 But its hard. Last night when I came was about 9pm...I had been to work, then to the gym, then to bible study..then home. I was exhausted. I had eaten my veggies and my protein, but I was STARVING, my body was SO SORE, and I was SO crabby. I burst into tears and told the mister how disgusting I felt. How I was SO mad at myself for getting this fat. He just held me in his arms and said these words " You are beautiful, and I am SO proud of you."   
That was all I needed to hear. I am going to do it this time. I am going to reach my goal of 170 pounds. Thats 107 pounds that I need to lose.
The reason I am writing this on here is because I am going to need support. I am not turning my blog into a weight loss blog...but maybe I can encourage someone else...and hopefully someone can encourage me. I know that this journey will be hard. But I know that it will be worth it.
Here we go.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pajama jeans

Happy Monday hotties!!
I had a wonderful weekend..did you?
Yesterday the mister helped me fold MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF laundry (yes, I know I am a lucky girl) and this is what he said as he folded a pair of my Silver jeggings.
Him: "are these those sweat pant jeans?"
Me: "huh? What are you talking about?"
Him: (showing me the jeggings) "These! These are sweat pant jeans!"
Me: " No they arent they are called JEGGINGS..and I bought them at Maurices, not off an infomercial!"
Him: "HAHAHA..PAJAMA JEANS! thats what they are called! You wear Pajama jeans!!!"
Me: " you are on crack...they are not pajama jeans, plus the last time I wore them, you thought my butt looked good in them"
Him: "I still think that its hilarious that you have pajama jeans."
Me: (throwing a t-shirt at him with massive force) YOU ARE A PUNK!"
I am SO glad that I have a mister that makes me laugh.
ALSO....this weekend I got my January CARA BOX!!! (for more info on what a CARA BOX is, you can learn here!
This months theme was resolutions!
The fabulous lady I sent to was Aleks over at A Slocum Story!
 a slocum story
To see the goodies that I sent her, you can check out her adorable blog!
The lovely lady that sent to me was Nilda over at Entirely my Own!
Laughter, love and necklaces
She sent me the most UH MAZING package! I told her that I need to get organized, and to try and cook more for my family..and get healthy! She sent me a fabulous wipe of magnetic calendar, recipe cards AND some of her FAVORITE recipes, a WHOLE pack of AMAZING ink joy pens, a little planner/journal, and a small water bottle for me to take with me when I run! Plus, her note was SUPER sweet!!! Thanks Nilda! I LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

its OK..

its ok that I havent been to the gym or tried to eat healthy in over 4 months. (because I am starting again...and going to try to stick with it)
its ok that I start again least I start.
its ok that I have watched this movie
5,978,604 times since it came out on blue ray a few weeks ago. It makes me happy.
Its ok that I havent washed my hair in 4 days. It still looks cute, and we all know thats all that matters.
Its ok that I cant stand it when people chew with their mouth open. its gross. so stop it.
Its ok that I cant spell half the time, and my grammar sucks, and I dont know how to use punctuation correctly. I know you dont judge. Wait, of course you do. But...I dont care!
Its ok that sometimes when I tell the mister I love him he says "thats nice" because I know that he loves me too.
Its ok that I am addicted to etsy and groopdealz.

Its ok that I have bieber fever.


Just kidding. BUT i am excited that I bought tickets to take my daughters to see him in vegas when we are there this summer! I am not telling them until the night of the concert. They are gonna DIE!!  

Its ok that I am not perfect. Because being perfect or trying to be perfect....would suck. And so would this blog.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conspiracy theory...

After coming home and entering my dinner (from red lobster) into my fitness pal...
Me: "hey babe...we ate waaaayyy too many calories at dinner!"
Him: "whatever...all we had was shrimp!"
Me: "actually you had like 8 biscuits too"
Him: "those don't count!"
Me: (after calculating it) "well...those 8 biscuits were 1,004 calories!"
Him: "that thing lies. Dont listen to the lies! What a piece of crap!"
Me: "I'm gonna look up your favorite burger and see how many calories it has...ok, see your sourdough jack has a ton of calories...and you eat like 3 of them!"
Him: "well that's because no man can get full on 1 sourdough jack"
Me: " sure there are guys who can eat just one, and be full!"
Him: "yes, there is one man. His his name is richard simmons...and hes like 4 foot tall and weighs 80 pounds. Do i look like richard simmons to you?"
Me: "nope!"
Him: "ok then...stop telling me about calories. If I counted calories like you do, I would die from lack of food. And I couldnt eat ANYTHING!!! Its all a conspiracy theory anyways."
And there you have it.
Calories are just a conspiracy theory.
And richard simmons is the ONLY MAN in the world that can get full off 1 sourdough jack sammich.

(PS...he is SUPER supportive to me with the healthy eating stuff....but he is also SUPER sarcastic. If you couldnt tell ;) )

if only.

Yesterday, someone told me this:
Them: "have you lost weight?"
Me: "no, not really...I havent been to gym in almost 4 months"
Them: "oh...well you look like you have lost weight, it must be your outfit. You are already almost pretty. I mean, your face is gorgeous...if you could only start losing weight you could be a knock out!"
Me: (with tears starting to well up) "thanks?!?"
Then I got in my car and cried. UGGGHHHH. I HATE it when people who I dont even know that well, make comments about my weight. Especially when they talk about how cute I would be if I was skinny. If you have read this post you know how much I hate the..."you have such a pretty face" comment.
Little does that lady know that I had already felt like a big ol' wilderbeast that day. So her comment just made it worse.
I mean, I know that I eat wrong, I dont work out and I am 86 pounds overweight. But hey lady...its NOT YOUR PLACE TO TELL ME ABOUT IT. MMMM kay?
So...last night I went back to the gym..I started logging my food again in fitness pal...and I am going to start trying to be healthy again. Not because of that persons comments. But because I need to be healthy.
In other news...the misters new favorite phrase "I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot". For real...he beats me in scrabble he says "YEAH..Im not a playa I just crush a lot"....he proves me wrong in a meaningless argument "Oh yeah..I'm not a playa I just crush a lot".
 He's insane.
But hes pretty I can deal with the gangsta talk.
Happy Hump day....raise yo hand in the ay-er if you a true play-er......

Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet this fabulous lady..NOW!

I have been SO super blessed in the short time that I have been blogging to meet some fabulous ladies that share my passion for Jesus...loving others and loving life. Danette is one of those women.
 She is kind, beautiful, loving, and compassionate....I know that she blesses EVERYONE around her. And I am thankful for her blog. If you dont know her...check her out ASAP at All my Love for all my days .
All My Love for All My Days
I just wanted to give you a peek into who she here is just a teaser into the amazing life giving person she is...but if you wanna know gotta check out her blog!!!!!
Why do you blog?
I'm something of an accidental blogger. I started blogging to just express myself. I didn't know anything about the blogging community. I started exploring and decided that I really liked being a blogger. I could write what I want. Blogging gave me a voice to do what I love to do...share love.
If you could do ANYTHING for 1 week, what would it be?
This will seem superficial I know, but I'd like to try to be an actress. I think I just want to see if I could do it. I know I could do the acting, but I'd like to see if I could keep my head and my faith with all the lights and makeup.

what is your favorite bible verse, and why?
I have several favorite verses, but the one I always come back to is Psalm 51:10, "Create in me a clean heart, O God. And renew a loyal spirit in me."
See! I told you she was awesome! Plus...she wants to give YOU 3 months of FREE small ad space on her blog!!! Enter the rafflecopter below and go CHECK HER OUT!!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lets talk about being broke.

I am about to write a post about being broke. get ready for it.
6 years ago the mister decided that he wanted to go back to school to get his Bachelors degree. Ok.. no big..right?!? Well, lets see...4 kids, a high maintenance wife, a full time job for him, a full time job for me...AND SCHOOL? We knew we could do it.
And we did.
 He graduated in 4 years and had high honors. Now he has an amazing job...and we are doing better than ever.
But when he was in school money was SO tight. If you have ever been in college or have had someone in your family go to college you know that its expensive. But the cost that surprised me the most EVERY SINGLE semester? BOOKS!!! How can you be serious that a text book talking about history or math or sciences or something else silly completely needed...costs $200 bucks!!!!! When I was in college my parents paid for my books so I never thought twice about it. But this time around we had to pay for it ourselves. The first year we just bought all of the books from the campus bookstore. The total was $636 FOR BOOKS!!! Holy Moly...I just had a heart murmur thinking about it.
But the SECOND year I wised up and we RENTED his books. From a fabulous online Campus Book Rentals (dot) com !
I saved almost 80% on his books. And this wife was a happy wife. And we know that happy wife equals happy life!
It was SUPER easy. I just took his list, went online entered the titles and found them in seconds! I received the books in 6 days, and they were in awesome condition. He could highlight in them, just like they were his own, and when the semester was over, I just stuck them into a PRE PAID envelope and sent them back!! It was EASY PEASY...and it saved us money.
PLUS...ya'll know that I love to help people..and gives backs. A portion of every single book rented goes to Operation Smile...Their Cause: Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.
How fab is that? YOU save money AND you help change a child's life. Pretty legit, huh!?!
Here is a little clip of how campus book rentals process works so you can see just how easy it is!
You can find A book that you might need... just by searching by title or author or a few other options... there you go...being in college means being broke. BUT you can save money in BIG ways by renting your books instead of buying them.
Save a little lettuce to support your shoe fetish...fergie style.
Uh huh...I just quoted fergie. Your welcome.
Stay Glamorous...and rent your books instead of buying them!!!!!

40 years.

I had the honor of being asked to speak to a church body today about the Sanctity of Human life. This was the first version of my message, and I wanted to share it with you. Its a pretty strong message...but its what I believe and what I stand for.

I am the development director for Life choices clinic in Lewiston. My job is to create relationships with people in our community and to build awareness of what we do. Many of you might not know what we do….we used to be known as the Crisis pregnancy clinic…now we are known as life choices, and our goal is to save babies, help moms, and break cycles. I want to tell you about all of the wonderful things that God is doing at Life choices…but first I want to tell you why I am here on THIS day.

Well today seems like any normal day…we all got up…got dressed…some of us ate breakfast, some of us drank coffee….but I would be willing to bet that not very many of us knew that today was an anniversary. Not the kind of anniversary that you want to celebrate though. Today is the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision. Since 1983 there have been over 54 MILLION babies aborted.

54 million.
Let me give you a comparison….in our history of war there has been an estimated 1,043,569 American war deaths…

Gulf War  458
Vietnam War 58,151
Korean War 54,246
WW II 407,316
WW I 116,708
Civil War 498,332
Revol. War 25,324
Total War Deaths 1,043,569
The total deaths of Jews during the holocaust is around 6 million. The holocaust was a horrible HORRIBLE time in history. Many people lost loved ones and many people lost their lives because of a decision that one person made.
So in comparison to ALL of the American deaths from war and all of the Jews killed during the Holocaust....the numbers of babies aborted since 1986 is still about 7 TIMES that number. No flags flown at half tears from the gun salute. Just 54 Million babies...gone.
Today…in our little area…in the LC valley…in our backyard every three days a baby dies because of a decision that 1 person makes. And in the US...1.5 million babies die every single year..because of a decision that one person makes.
There is an abortion every 3 days performed on a women from the LC valley. But that doesn’t even include the number of plan b pills taken, or the number of RU486 pills taken. Our society tells us that its ok to cover up a mistake, and get rid of a problem with a pill or a procedure. Its scary. And the worst part of all of this is that its scary for the women who are making these choices.

Women walk through our doors…but not just the women that you are thinking…its not just the 17 year old who slept with her high school boyfriend and ended up pregnant. It’s the 37 year old married woman who has 3 kids, a good job, a loving husband, and a wonderful home life. It’s the 22 year old whos husband was just sent out on active duty overseas. It could be the women sitting in front of you or beside you. The fact is…1 out of every 3 women that come see us claim to be Christians. But think that abortion is their only choice…they think that their parents will kill them, their husband will leave them, their boyfriend will break up with them, their family will disown them, their friends will think they are a slut. The list goes on and on. They are hearing ALL of the voices around them telling them that abortion is the only choice. The choice to cover up their mistake, make their life easier, or hide a secret.
But abortion doesn’t do ANY of those things. It destroys families, it crushes dreams, it creates cycles of destruction, and it breaks up relationships.

The good news about this…yes…there is good news. The good news is that Life choices clinic and other centers like us exist to help these women. We break through the lies, deception and death of this world…to show them the life truth and hope of Jesus Christ. We let them talk, with out judgement. We let them have a voice. We help them heal. We save babies, help moms and break cycles.
We want this place, this Valley…to be a place of Life, a place of hope…and a place of Truth. And God is doing it…in 2011 we saved 100 babies…and in 2012 we saved 140 babies. That means that 140 women made a choice for life AFTER coming to Life choices Clinic. All of those babies were in danger of being aborted. 1 out of every 6 babies born at St joes is born because their mom came to life choices. We are making a difference. Yes it has been 40 years of death. 54 million babies gone. 54 million lawyers, doctors, scientists, coaches, teachers, singers, dancers, moms, dads, aunts uncles. But we have something that the enemy doesn’t. We have God, and we have HIS strength, HIS mercy and HIS love. We are making a difference in this place.

It starts with you..its starts with the church…with the parents...talking to our kids about sex, about good decisions and healthy relationships. Talking with them about abortion. Its scary, but I know it would be better coming from you, then from us when they come into our center for a pregnancy test.
 Imagine what your life would be like with out your children…without your grandchildren. Without their smiles and laughter. Without their hugs and kisses. All those drawings and paintings stuck on your refrigerator…Imagine them gone.

So many women have a refrigerator with nothing on it…and a heart that is broken because they thought that abortion was the only answer. Its is our time to help them, and to help their hearts.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bad Habits and a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend! I did...and its not even over yet! But more on that later...I am SO excited about this lovely lady you are about to meet. She is fabulous and sweet...She is funny...she loves her family...and she is GIVING YOU a $20 GIFT CARD TO SEPHORA!!!!! I am SO glad she decided to show Lawless Life a little love by showing up on my sidebar! she is...Alexandria!
(PS..isnt she gorgeous??)
I am so excited to be guest blogging for Heather on her lovely space on the I-net! Thanks so much for having me Heather!  My Name is Alexandria and I blog over at Sweet Tea, Love & Grace! Sit down , relax, grab some sweet tea and stay awhile! Let's Chat about...

Bad Habits.....Come on we all have the! You know nail biting, leaving drawers open, and what my husband is infamous for, taking out the trash but not putting a new trash bag in the trash can ( I'm not bitter at all :) )

My bad habit is being too controlling, I am a psychotic about control. I have that " It wont get done unless, I do it myself "attitude, I prefer not to delegate because I find satisfaction in doing it all and knowing it is done correctly and they way I would like it to be done.

Now in reality and in "my over thinking about overthinging" mind this is perfectly normal. Reality then decides to backhand me in the face( baby powder and all) . It isn't possible for me to do everything. I really struggle & have a hard time delegating. When the house isnt clean, laundry isnt done, food isn't on the table, diaper bag isnt packed, bills paid ,car washed It falls on me , simply because I cant let my AMAZING husband step in. ( I mean he does it anyway) , but it's typically not done the way I would like it to be done , which isnt a problem is you aren't me.

This "control habit" I have is bad, seriously. Sometimes, I even tell my mother how to take care of my child, I mean I think it's okay to be particular about certain things. BUT Geez , I need to CHILL, she did raise 3 kids. We came out Normal ...well for the most part :)

Instead of being appreciative like normals wives or daughters , I re-do or criticize what he or she has done, and tell myself that I should have done it  to begin with.

I am so thankful to have a husband by my side who is a God Fearing,Kind hearted, Strong man  who doesnt mind doing Laundry ( even though he can't fold to save his life- Love You Honey)  or waking up in the middle of the night when Aria thinks it's playtime , so I can get some more rest.

My challenge is to let go a little bit, delegate better so I can be a better mom & wife!

Oh Goodness Pray for me ya'll!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free muffaletta with every room...

Have you ever stayed at a Sheraton Hotel? We always stay at the Sheraton downtown when we come to Seattle...the staff is fabulous and the hotel is GORGEOUS..and the beds are perfect. But.....Did you know that you get a free muffaletta with every room?
When we checked into our hotel in Seattle tonight, the Mister was checking things out in the bathroom and this is what followed:
Mister: babe...look at this! Its a free muffaletta!
Me: Huh?
Mister: (He comes out holding this)
A free muffaletta!
Me: (falling over laughing) Babe...a Muffaletta is a sandwich...
Mister: I know..I was kidding...its called a bath moofa...right? (looking completely serious)
Me: (laughing EVEN harder now) No honey...its called a LOOFAH!
Mister: Oh...well whatever it is...its free...
I havent laughed so hard in a LONG time!
Moving along....
If you havent guessed the mister and I are on a mini vacay until Saturday...I am going to market for the store that I buy for, and he is going to carry my bags spend quality time with me. Its going to be nice to have a weekend just for the two of us!
Tonight we had dinner here
It was our first time eating at a Ruth's Chris and we were so excited. To be honest...the service sucked...the food was just par..and we were really let down :(  Sucks when you pay so much for dinner and its not even close to what you were expecting...Oh least I looked cute for dinner!
Photo: Dinner with my love at Ruth's Chris!
Happy Hump day kittens!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

thats a bunch of bull...

Today I was driving in the car with my 14 year old step daughter...there were some of these
fighting with their heads together in a field. This is the conversation that followed...
Me: Look meg..those cows are fighting..thats crazy
Meg: Cows dont fight, only steers or bulls fight
Me: Whatever...those were cows...and they were fighting
Meg: No...they had to have either been a bull or a steer, because cows or heifers dont fight.
Me: uhh..whats the difference?
Meg: well, Cows are females that have had a calf and a heifer is a female that has not had a calf and steers are males that have been castrated, bulls are males that have not been castrated.
Me: Oh...I didnt know that. So they were bulls? What do you think they were fighting over?
Meg: Probably a cow...
Me: She must be a pretty hot cow!
Meg: Yep...
Me: How did you get so smart?
Meg: I pay attention in school....
Me: Oh...maybe I should have payed more attention in school
Meg: Yeah, probably
HA! I got told!
Happy Saturday my little cows! May a bull always be ready to fight for you!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rollin with the homies.

Remember this??

Of course you do! Its from the fabulous movie from the 90's Clueless! Love love love it.

SOOOO....this post is about rollin with the homies. Actually rolling for the homies. My homies....rollin breakfast burritos for them!

The mister is always too lazy to fix forgetting breakfast, and then he skips when he gets home is crabby and starving. So I make him breakfast burritos and stick em in the freezer. He can just pop one out and stick it in the microwave..and eat it on his way to work.

We had a TON of ham left over from Christmas so I decided to use that as the meat. I usually cook up a ton of jimmy dean sausage goodness, but this was WAY easier..cause it was all already cooked!

Step one:

step two: Buy a bag of frozen potatoes (the ones with the peppers and onion in the mix) put it all into a pan with some butter and some johnnies seasoning and saute them until cooked through...

Step  3: put half a jar of salsa verde in with the potatoes (my mister likes things spicy, you could totally omit this part if you didnt want the spice)
Step 4: Whip up 8 eggs in a bowl with salt, pepper and then add into the potato salsa mix and cook until the eggs are completely cooked. Once the eggs are cooked, add all the ham to your mixture and turn the skillet on low.
Step 5: Set up your rollin station - tear 16 sheets of wax paper in squares, use the tortilla to measure the size, you want it to be just a little larger than the tortilla. Bring your pan with the burrito mixture, and a bag of shredded cheese and lay everything out with your tortillas.
Step 6: you want to make sure and roll your burritos while they are warm, put 3 heaping spoonfuls of the mixture in the middle of the tortilla then top with a generous amount of cheese.

Step 7:
Step 8: Put them into a gallon ziplock...this time I made 16 burritos, so I used 2 gallon ziplocks.
Step 9:

There you go...a whole post on how to roll for your homies.
Ps...this post was supposed to be published 3 days ago but blogger decided to suck and not let me publish ANY pictures. awesome.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Did you?

Did you have a chance to read my guest post over at Flats to Flip Flops?   
Well you should was posted in November! But for those of you who missed my pearls of junk you go.
Now your life is complete. You're welcome.
Meet and Greet with Heather from Lawless Life

You, my friends, are in for a real treat! Miss Heather from Lawless Life is guest posting today!
This momma is seriously talented and if you are looking for life, love and faith, you need to check out her blog! Take it away Heather!

Hey lovies...I am SO happy up in this neck of the woods, doing a guest post for Ash! She is adorable, and I love sponsoring her fab blog!
I thought I would give you some shopping tips. Because I kinda have a BIG little problem with shopping. I am addicted. Like you know that show interevention? They need to come send me to rehab. When I walk into my local maurices or Macy's...everyone knows me by name. Thats completely awesome sad! So in order to keep my hubby happy finances under control, I have some tips for you....just incase you are a serious shopper like me.
  • When you get the urge to shop....go online. Click and click and click some more. Find your favorite things, the colors that you love, the size that you want and all that. Then put things in your "cart". Then Click the little red X at the top right hand corner of your screen. Close the browser. It sounds weird...but even though I didnt buy kinda fulfills that shopping desire for me. I leave everything in the cart for at least 2 weeks, and then....when I go back to that site...and I open my "cart" if the item has gone on sale, and if I still really want it then I buy it. But ONLY if it has gone on sale for at LEAST 40% off. If not then I close it again and come back in 2 more weeks. Does this make sense? Probably not because I am a looney....
  • When I shop in the stores and I find something I love if I feel like I really cant live without it...and I CAN AFFORD it...then I buy it. But when I get home I leave it in the bag and hang it on a hook in my closet. If 2 weeks have gone by and I didnt wear the item...I take it back. (unless it was for an event or something) If I didnt even take it out of the bag or want to wear it enough in two weeks...then I dont need it.
  • I take 5 things from my closet to the consignment store every 4 weeks. This keeps my hoard of clothes down to a small island .
Those "tips" might seem silly....but they keep me on track, and I dont end up spending my kids college fund on clothes, shoes, handbags....and other crap I dont need.
Hope all you pretty peaches had a wonderful thanksgiving! Thanks for taking the time to read my insane babble....If you want to read more...head over to Lawless Life!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


today I cried....I cried off and on all day.
I miss my mom today something awful. Its like I have these little triggers that make me think of her and then my heart just crumbles. She has been in heaven for 3 years now. Most of the time I am fine, but then something happens and I lose it.
My mom loved holidays...Christmas was her FAV but she always went above and beyond for EVERY holiday. On valentines day she would make my dad and I a love dinner. Everything was heart shaped. Heart shaped butter, heart shaped mashed yogurt parfaits..heart shaped brownies, pink milk...chocolate covered ice cream get the idea. She would write my dad and I these amazing love letters and leave them at our places at the table and the she would buy us the most amazing love presents. I always looked forward to valentines day night...even when I was in high school...I never would go out with boyfriends or friends on valentines day because that was our love dinner night. My mom knew just how to make me feel special.
Lately on pinterest there has been a ton of people pinning valentines day stuff...and it made my think about my mom. Then this morning on the way to work, the song that we played at her funeral came on my ipod...I skipped over it, like I always do. But then again tonight on the way home, it came up in the shuffle...and I let it play. I think it was my moms way of telling me she loves me.
I want to share the song with you.....
When the song came up on my way home, I listened to the whole thing and then I played it again. I really listened to the words the second time. My mom is in HEAVEN!!!! She is with Jesus!! And she is with my Papa, and all the other loved ones who are there. She gets to have a love dinner with them and with the one who LOVES us more than ANYTHING. I should be SO thankful that I know that I will get to see her again...and that she loved me, and she let me know that she loved me every chance she got.
So there were some tears today...a lot of them...but tears can be good. Have you had any tears over anything lately?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Come to Momma!

Hey girl....guess who got their influenster holiday voxbox yesterday!! ME!
I was SO excited! I cant wait to try all the products, and tell you how fab they are. These are all the goodies that came in my box!

(I will tell you all about them individually when I try them out!)
The first thing that caught my attention was this little beauty. Did you say $25 bucks off shoes?
Come to momma!! 
 I hopped right onto the Sole Society Website and started checking out the shoe goodness.
When I first opened the site the most fabulous five words in all history greeted me "Buy One Get One FREE!!!!" So you know I did just that! I didn't even have to use my coupon yet because they were having this amazing sale! I got 2 pairs of shoes for only $49.99 and that INCLUDED shipping!!
Holy Moly. Hallelujah.
These are the little gems that I bought
And these lovelies...
Super cute, right? Right.
And I only paid 49 bucks for BOTH pairs! I am IN love with Sole Society and you bet your beautiful face I will be back to their website to get more necessities for spring! I cannot wait until these shoes come in the mail, and I cant wait to show you how cute they are!
Hope you gorgeous gals had a wonderful weekend...and I hope your Monday is perfect. (it would probably be MORE perfect if you checked out this FAB sale on sole! Use the code "influenster25" for $25 bucks off your first order!)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

big girl panties.

I am such a big ol' baby. I let WAY too many things that shouldn't bother me...bother me.

For instance, someone who I have been trying really hard to build a relationship with had a new years eve party...and I didn't get an invite. I was crushed. See...big baby. The mister kept telling me "babe its not a big deal, get over it...who cares!?!" He couldn't understand why I was so upset.
 But I am someone who likes to pursue people, I like to make them feel loved and appreciated...I also like them to do the same to me. And when I spend time on a relationship and try to pursue people and they never ever reciprocate it sometimes sucks. But I think I need to put my big girl panties on and stop letting such little things bother me.
Who cares if I didn't get invited to the party...who cares if I didn't get the phone call or the text back....who cares? I care...but I think I care too much.
Whats super crazy is that I am always telling my 13 yr old and my 16 year old not to worry about what others think, say or do. But here I am 31 years old, worrying about what someone may think about me, wondering why I didnt get invited to a party!!
I guess I will go find some of these...
put em on....And deal.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Just incase...

Good Evening kittens...just incase you were too lazy to clickety click the link from the blog post that I guest posted over at the fabulous All my love for all my days! First is her sweet introduction! Love her!
I was first introduced to Heather through my sister, Dalayna. Heather hosted a giveaway on her blog. I started exploring the Lawless Life and realized that Heather and I have a lot in common.

She loves Jesus. She loves her family. She believes in life. She believes that women have the power to create the world they want to live it. Oh, and she loves to shop.

Make sure to stop by her blog. And if you're looking for Thirty-One products she's got them!

So without further ado, I give you Heather from the Lawless Life.

Happy New Year little love bugs!

I am blessed to be posting over here at All my love for all my days...I adore Danette...shes pretty much the coolest. Her blog is so full of life, and meaning...and I love reading it. So today you get it or not!

Lets talk about New years resolutions....Like how none of us ever stick to them.

(except for this one...I can totally stick to this one)

Its so crazy to see how many people make the resolution to lose weight and then go to the gym twice. Or people who vow to eat better, then are at mcdonalds after 4 days. Hey, I am right there with the best of them.

But last year I found something that made me feel better about myself made me seem like I didn't suck so much at resolutions. I made little goals....

Month1 : I will not buy any clothing for myself for 1 month (dont judge, I like to shop)

Month 2 and 3: No fast food

Month 3 and 4: Read my bible every day in the morning AND at night

Month 4 and 5: Make dinner at home every night (except date night)

Get it? These small goals seemed much more manageable and when I completed them I felt so good about myself. I felt like I had actually accomplished something.

How about you? Did you make any new years resolutions? How are you planning on sticking to them? Do you have an accountability partner, if its something serious?

I think that making goals for your life are awesome...but sometimes its good to set short term goals, and then once you reach feel like you can do anything.

Here's to a FABULOUS 2013....I hope all of you are blessed beyond measure!! XOXOX