Tuesday, February 28, 2012

maurices Main Street Model Search: Heather Lawless - Juliaetta, ID

Hey Bloggy friends! I need your help to give $7500 to a local charity in my town! Please click on the link to vote....and read my bio!

maurices Main Street Model Search: Heather Lawless - Juliaetta, ID


I have always been told that I was "pretty"....and when I was in college, I had a huge struggle with being "beautiful" I wanted to be perfect in such a big way that I developed an eating disorder. I had always been heavier, and so I decided I would get "skinny" and be perfect. What I found was that even when I was thin, I still struggled with being beautiful. Now that I am married, and have a beautiful daughter...I realize that I even though I am not "skinny" I am still beautiful, and women of ALL sizes are beautiful. I feel that if I was chosen, I could show girls who are not the perfect size 4 or 8 or even 10, that they are gorgeous. I think I would be a good "role model" as well as a "model".... My hometown is very small, I lived in a town that had 500 people and went to school in a town 3 miles away that had 420 people. My parents owned one of the small business in town, and everyone knew everyone's business. When I was in high school all I could think of was "getting out" and moving away to the "big city". Well, I did, and I ended up coming back! Now all I want is for my kids to grow up in that same small town...where you know everyone...and you wave at every car that drives by. Living and growing up in a small town makes you realize what is really important...and makes you appreciate it. The way that our town comes together when something happens...everyone rejoices together, everyone mourns together, and everyone supports one another. There is nothing better than that! If I was chosen, I would donate the prize money to the "Willow Center for Grieving Children" as a child growing up, we were a foster home...and many of the children that we had come through our home were there because they had lost their parents. I saw so much hurt, anger and sadness in those kids, and I remember thinking how lucky I was because I still had both of my parents....Now as an adult, I realize just how much it hurts to have one of your parents or loved ones pass away. My mom passed away three years ago....it was very unexpected, and I miss her very much. I cant imagine what it would have been like to lose my mom when I was younger. The Willow Center, helps children and families grieve....they help them go through the process, and really mourn. "The preventive program provides group support coordinated by mental health professionals and trained volunteers to promote the expression of grief and loss; the understanding of death, loss and the process of grief; and decrease feelings of isolation associated with grief. " They change lives....and support these kids who have lost someone they really love. The provide help, hope and healing.

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