Monday, July 30, 2012

This past week my husband and I house sat for my cousin....which was VERY nice because we were able to have some alone time (since we life in my parents house, with my dad). We spent alot of time together talking and just being together. It was very good for our relationship!

My husband is SO are some of the things that completely cracked me up this week.

As we drove by this:

the hubs said " hey babe, dont you think that those hay bales are like huge giant fruit roll ups for cows? " I looked at him and said "huh?" He said " you know because its rolled up, and its like a treat for the a huge fruit roll up!" I laughed So hard....then we saw a truck with a huge load of hay bales like that and he said "its like a huge case of fruit roll ups!" He's crazy.

During dinner one night, he was explaining to me how women have it so much easier than men, because they dont get judged on how the eat or if they itch themselves in public...and how pillow shams should be outlawed from being on beds. Haha, I am such a lucky girl!
Happy Monday!!

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