Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am doing this fun link up with the girls from Pink on the Cheek   and  Lipgloss and Crayons!
I thought why not show you my hoarding tendencies. Hey its thursday...I dont have anything else to do!
This is my bag a Coach Sateen tote. I love the color its perfect for spring...I switch them out you never know what color its gonna be.
But these things you do know
1. It will be big enough to carry a small child
2. It will be heavy enough to kill someone
3. It will have at least 6 kinds of lipgloss and mascara, and my bible inside. Because those are my priorities.
The whole contents:
Coach liquid patent leather zip around wallet
Kate Spade Sunglasses in green pouch
6 pens
3 maybooks (planner, bible journal, journal)
thumb drive
ipod touch
pill box
2 business card holders
Eos lipbalm (best stuff EVER)
leopard pouch with hair things and other lady necessities
Zebra Bible (not pictured)
lipgloss pouch.
Hair and lady necessities pouch

wallet. crammed full of crap. see that one ONE dollar in there? Thats pretty much my status. I'm kind of a big deal.
My new zebra bible. I love it. It fits better in my purse than my old honkin one. Yes honkin is a word. It means huge.
There ya have it. the contents of my bag. No wonder my shoulder hurts all the time.


  1. My giant purse is currently full of trash... this post makes me wanna clean it out and organize!

  2. So funny! How does all that fit so neatly in your purse? And, I agree, honkin is a word.

  3. My Purse has a receipt fetish. It saves them for some reason!


  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! you have so much stuff in your purse!!
    Thank you for linking up with Carly and me!

  5. found your blog from the link up, love it! I really love that Zebra Bible! I only carry mine in my purse on church days because its about 50lbs!

  6. Love the purse first of all, and the Zebra Bible is fabulous! I have a small, thin Bible I need to carry around!

  7. Haha!Honkin'is absolutely a word. The reason I know this is because Google keeps trying to spell check it! :D

  8. I have a couple Coach bags. But I realized that I am changing them way too often to spend so much money on a purse. The two I have I got really good deals on though.

    I just need a suitcase to carry all my junk in. LOL

  9. I have the same standards when it comes to buying handbags. If a small child cannot fit into it, then it is too small! Haha I literally need a suitcase. The bag I am carrying now is "big" to some, but too small for my standards. I'm trying to not carry my entire life around all the time. ha

    I love your wallet! I also love your leopard print pouch. So cute! Heck, I love it all!!!

    Have a beautiful day :)

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  11. Wow!! That is a lootttt of stuff! Love that you have a bible journal! And dove chocolate is my fave!! Yum!!

  12. Wow! I can't believe your purse has all of that in it. I don't really pack that much in mine. I have my wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, ipod, pen, and little notebook.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. I feel like my purse is the same way, it's like a bottomless pit sometimes! Love the Coach tote :)

  14. Our mutual love of mascara and lipgloss is what has endeared you to me. We were meant to be matched. At any given time I could have 15 to 20. I like options;)


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