Monday, July 22, 2013

Bows, Pies and 9021 OOOHHHHH.

Happy Monday Ya'll!
I had a very quiet weekend!
The mister and Colton are planning on a boys only hiking/camping trip this next they were packing their backpacks and getting their fishing gear together. They kept putting stuff in their packs, putting their packs on and then getting on the scale...then getting off...putting more stuff in...getting back on...taking some stuff out. It was pretty funny to watch :).
Colton was outside for a long time, and when he came in...he had this....
he had made a bow! And you know what? It shot...REALLY far! I kid you not...he wore that thing on his shoulder the WHOLE weekend. I made him take it off to sleep. He was SO proud of it! The mister bought him some arrows and he is going to take it camping with them.
Also this weekend I made PIE...mmm mmm good. Just call me Betty.
I made chicken pot pie...which is now my new fave thing to make. Maybe it will become a sunday tradish at our house. But this weekend I also made HUCKLEBERRY pie. Oh Lord have mercy if you have never had or smelled huckleberries...I wanted to put my entire face in the gallon ziplock bag of delish -us -ness and sniff until I passed out. They smell SO good. And they taste even better. I used those little balls of gold and strawberries and blueberries (to cut the sweet of the huckleberries). The only thing I forgot was that huckleberries are SO juicy so it leaked.....
but oh sweet mercy it was GOOD. We ate it with vanilla ice cream when it was still hot. SO good. Like knock your momma out good.
Also, this week my husband spoke my love language and bought me presents!!! Ya'll know I love me some presents.
This is what I came home to one night...
Pretty pink roses AND red velvet cake ice cream. Are you serious? he loves me. I am a lucky girl.
To cap off the weekend the mister and I spent some quality couch time together....and he napped while I watched this.
First person to shout out the TV show wins........yep you guessed it. 90210 baby.
OH MY WORD I used to love this show.
Dylan was my boyfriend.
I was totes obsessed. I remember crying my eyes out during the last episode when David and Donna got married. So, thank you soap network for playing reruns of this magical tv show.
There you have it my super exciting weekend. How was YOUR weekend?


  1. 90210 was my favorite too. :)

  2. Your pies look AMAZING!! Hi! I'm your August HelloBox partner! Can't wait to get to know you! When you get a chance you can email me at so we can get the ball rolling!!



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