Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hi, Honey....I'm Home!
Well, not at your home...my home! Its been over two months since I have blogged! CrazyNESS! But I decided to take some time off to just spend time with my family. It was super worth it. The beginning of summer is always super duper busy at our house..because my baby girl is here from Texas...so we PACK a ton of stuff into those summer months.
We went to Seattle....
Pike Place market....
Point Defiance Zoo...
We went to las Vegas....
And we spent TONS of time just being with eachother.
I will give you more deets on our trips later, I just wanted to say HEY..and let you know that I am still alive!
Being with all my kiddos is so important to me...I have so many friends who post things like "I am so ready for my kids to go BACK to school" or "my kids are already driving me crazy".
Now, I get it...I get that your kids drive you crazy.
But, be thankful.
Be thankful that you get to spend time with them.
Make that time INTENTIONAL time. Do things with them. Dont just set them in front of the TV and lay by the pool. Make memories. Play games.
 Get in the pool with them. Don't waste a SECOND. treasure it.
Ok...end of that.
Happy Tuesday lovies...

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  1. Looks like so much fun and I am loving your dresses!!!


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