Thursday, June 9, 2011

its not your baby.....

so as you will see in my post cousin was getting induced today to have her beautiful baby boy...Ian.

She did have him and he is PERFECT...but those details are for her to share...and I shouldnt until she does.

But I CAN share this....

They do this new things these days when you have a baby, and right when it is born the mom and baby have "skin to skin" time. They dont even clean the baby up, or weigh it or measure it. They just let the mom and dad and baby bond. I think thats way cool...

So while this "skin to skin" time is happening we are all waiting and waiting and getting super excited to see the baby! When Amys husband came and and told us that they were getting him all cleaned up...we went to the nursery to look in the window and see his precious face.

I walked to the window and saw him, and then I called to my other cousins and Amy's dad to come see him! The nurse was cleaning him all up, and we started taking pictures. When she opened the door and wheel him out, we were all SO exicted, taking more pics and saying how adorable he was.

This whole time the nurse was looking at us SO WIERD...finally she said....."you guys! this isnt your baby!" "He is still with his mamma!"

HAHA!! we were doting and taking pictures of a baby that wasnt even the one we thought!

Massive fail on my part.....but hey...whoever the parents are of that baby..., they did good...he is WAY cute.

So, if you need me... I will be deleting pics from my camera...because they are of someone elses baby :)

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