Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am not a morning person....I LOVE to sleep...like REALLY REALLY love to sleep.

I am one of those people that set their alarm to go off an hour before they have to get up, AND my clock is set 30 minutes fast..just to make sure I get up on time!

This morning my alarm went off, and I hit the snooze just like I always do...I rolled over to go back to sleep..and I couldnt.

All I could think about was how "little people" or "midgets" ( I dont think thats the technical term, and I'm not trying to be offensive...) drive cars!

How do they reach the pedals? How can they see? what about the seatbelt? Seriously ya'll....for a good half hour, thats all I thought about.

I wiggled in the bed and the hubs rolled over and opened one eye and looked at me.

Hubs: (as hes looking at me with one eye) What are you doing?
Me: can midgets drive?
Hubs: Yes
Me: how?
Hubs: they have special pedals
Me: how can they see above the dashboard?
Hubs: they have like a boosters seat or something
Me: But then they cant reach the pedals at all!
Hubs: they have like extenders or something
Me: oh! okay!

Then I got up and went downstairs to get ready for work

I didnt think anything else about it until tonight when I got home. Hubs was sitting next to me and he started laughing...he asked " do you remember the very first thing you said to me this morning?" I said "no?!" then I remembered! He thought it was hilarious that I didnt say "good morning" or even "HI!" just "can midgets drive cars?"

I'm SO random.....

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