Monday, June 6, 2011

SO long!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, its been almost a whole year since I last posted on here! There has been SO many changes in our life in the past year! God had some plans for us....and we are just following His lead! We moved from our home, that was PERFECT for live with my father. As my mom passed away a year and a half ago....he needed some help, and some company. Plus it would allow us to save some money and buy a house later.

Its been SO crazy living in the house that I grew up in, mostly because my mom isnt here. But there are SO many memories in this house! Plus, my mom was a very organized hoarder :) HA! not really a hoarder....but she loved pretty things, and she has ALOT of them. Her main love language was gifts....and so she LOVED to give amazing gift baskets to people.....when we moved in and started moving and going through some of her stuff we found boxes and boxes of new unused items that she had bought and intended to use for gifts! I have her same love language, and I cant wait to give some of these very special items to some very special people in my family,because it will be a gift from me AND my mom!

The hubs has also graduated from college with his bachelors degree! I cant wait to see what GOD has in store for him and his future career, all I know is that I am SO proud of him!

I love this pic, but miss Mary wasnt in it...shes still in Texas with her Dad..but she will be here on July 1st! I CANNOT wait...I miss her SO much!

I am going to try to blog every day.....lets see if I can :) Happy Monday!

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