Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Holy Cow.

Holy Cow...I've been a bad blogger. I suck. Its been like 4 years since I have given you a lovely post to read. You've missed me, I know it.
I've been SO busy, life in the Hot Mess Express Lawless Life has been like a ride on the crazy train fabulous.
Lets see...First of all thank you for all of the SWEET, UPLIFTING, ENCOURAGING comments after I was brutally honest with myself and with you  in this post. I am SUPER blessed to be a part of this blogger world.

 I've been working my booty off at the gym and eating healthy for 2 1/2 weeks now. No fast food....I would kill someone for some cheesesticks and a milkshake. But I havent lost a single flippin pound. Are you kidding me? Awesome. Just Awesome. NO BUENO!
But I am gonna keep going. Rome wasnt built in a day. Well, thats what I hear...I've never been to Rome...but apparently it took a long time to build.
I am travelling this week for I am typing this from my hotel room...I am about to go tear up the "fitness club". Gotta sweat, right? Right.
I want to share two things with you. besides all the nonsense I just shared above
1. Lets talk the Bachelor...Hey Sean...Tierra is CRAY CRAY...send the little gem home and move on. The girl needs Jesus or at least some Prozac.
2. Lets talk working out...just for a sec. (if you wanna peace out at this point its ok...I just need to ask a question!) How many minutes of cardio should I be doing for a good fat/calorie burn? I've been doing 30-45 minutes on the bike at intervals of level 10 and 15. Then I usually do some sprints on the treadmill...but not every time. I HATE THE TREADMILL. Any advice? Do you have a fabulous workout plan you would like to share with me? Por favor?
Ok my little Chicas..I gotta go. But I promise to be back again tomorrow. Happy Humpday!


  1. Ha! Tierra does need Jesus! That comment made me laugh out loud!! :) Oh! How funny. As for good workout routines. I don't do the treadmill, too hard for me to get my mind into. I do the elliptical machine and I usually pick one of the interval programs already on the machine. I pick songs and bust my butt during a chorus and then go at normal speed the rest of the time. I'm not an expert, but it's doable for me. Although, I should honestly tell you I haven't been to the gym in months. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Jillian Michaels DVDs.

  2. Love your blog! You've got a beautiful family!!

  3. New follower from the giveaway! Fab.

    Umm Tierra is engaged now and her ring is fab. Saw it on People. Crazy.

  4. love the header..very interesting the family follower from the Ipad giveaway : )



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