Saturday, December 29, 2012

The bestie!

About a year and a half ago, this little peach...otherwise know as my BFF....decided to move to Florida. ALL THE WAY FROM IDAHO TO FLORIDA. this was completely unacceptable...and so I decided to be mad at her forever. After about 3 days of being mad, I started missing her like crazy. This girl and I have been through hell and back together, and I love her like a sister. We've been best friends since we were freshman!
I havent seen her in a little over a year! She and her family came back to see her husbands family for Christmas! Its so crazy how you have those friends who just get you....and who love you no matter what...this is Marie...she just gets me...and I love her so much.

We did a little of this......

Pedis...with the bestie!

She gave me the most amazing christmas present EVER! This is us in high school...I think we were juniors...Holy Hottness huh!

I made her cheer with me...she hated it the WHOLE time....and she still gives me crap, and says that I owe her because she lost a whole year of her life as an "athletic supporter" HA!


Love this girl.
And of course any lady date isnt complete with out the fro yo!
After a year and a couple months its hard to believe that we just picked up like we hadnt been 2,000 plus miles apart, but thats what best friends do! I am so happy for her and her husband...and I know they love their life in Florida, but I get a little jealous sometimes...because I miss her. So I have to put my big girl panties on and deal!
Happy Saturday lovies! Call your BFF and tell her you love her!

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  1. So glad you got to spend time with your best friend. I have one of those friends, too! We actually went 3 years without seeing each other, but we just pick up where we left off the last visit. :)

    I love your blog. Your newest follower. Happy New Year!

    Kathy @


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