Monday, December 3, 2012

Why is it so hard to be a girl?

Seriously..its SO hard to be a girl. Being cute, and getting cute is a hard job. Especially when you are a CG (chubby girl).
Taking a shower is a chore in and of itself...20 minutes...washing the hair twice...conditioning the hair..shaving...washing my face...its a process. Boys can just jump in and jump out. Not cool.  
Then....It takes me at least 20 minutes to blow dry this big ol' mane...and then another 15 to try and make it look decent.
I wonder how long it takes THIS girl to do that to her hair.....
Then it takes me another 15 minutes to put on my spackle and war paint makeup. Granted I pile it on...but ya'll know how much I love MASCARA!!! I just feel naked with out my makeup.
Then I have to try and find something cute to wear that doesnt make me feel fatter...or make me look like a busted can of biscuits.
And G-word forbid that its hot when I am trying to do ANY of this...I sweat like a Wilderbeast. Then my hair is frizzy, and my makeup looks like I just had a 16 day binge with Ozzy Osborne. Not cute.
Then if I have to wear something that cuts off my circulation more form fitting...I have to wear spanx. If you have never had the pleasure of wearing are missing out. You must go buy some now, and wear them. HAHAHA....just kidding. Wearing spanx is like buying a boa constrictor and letting it suffocate you. SO MUCH FUN. But they do make my butt look a little less huge. So I'm down.
What else...oh yeah...Then once we are all takes 4 minutes to get everything off to just go potty. (yes I say potty...I have kids...and the word pee is gross.)
See...its tough to be a girl. And I know you all agree. Right? Right.
Have a magical monday....heres to hopin' your spanx dont suffocate you! I started a 2 week jont with NO fast food, and no starbucks. Pray for me my sweets...I need to stick with it. To save money AND make it less important that I wear spanx!


  1. HAHA, this is funny - good luck without Starbucks!!! I wish I could be that brave... xo C

  2. oh girl, i relate to every single part of this! hilarious....and hard! ;)

  3. omg, totally agreed :/ sometimes being a girl kinda sucks... but at least we have the option to wear makeup!

  4. I wish I had the ability to do my hair and make up like you do. I want you to know you are very beautiful, sometimes as the plain Jane mama it's hard to accept that just won't ever be something I can do for me. Please be proud of your beauty. :) You may see yourself in a completely different light but I believe you are truly beautiful.

  5. But when being a boy is the alternative... I'd much rather do all the work.


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