Tuesday, March 12, 2013

forget fear.

It Sucks.
It steals.
It confines.
It crushes.
What are you afraid of?
 I am afraid of alot of things. One of my worst fears is driving off the road in my car into the river and drowning in my car. I am also afraid of something happening to my kids or my husband. I am also terrified of snakes. Like stupidly terrified of them.
Especially after something unexpected or bad happens in my life, I let the fear take over. I always am thinking about what could happen. I let it take me to places in my mind that should never even exist. Sometimes the fear inside my head is crippling.

Fear makes us run away from things that are good. Fears makes us doubt ourselves, our spouses, our children. Fear makes us even doubt God.
I'm afraid of being alone, of being ignored, of being rejected, of being made fun of, of being belittled, of being disappointed or of being a disappointment. I am afraid of not being good enough, pretty enough, thin enough. Of not being enough.

But then the truth comes into play....the truth that I AM enough. I will never be alone. I AM going to be ok....no matter what comes.
But I have to renew my way of thinking. I have to replace that fear WITH SOMETHING. I cant let the fear win. I have to replace the fear with TRUTH.
In the word that I cling to...in the bible...it tells us DO NOT BE AFRAID 365 times. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so. Its a reminder that we have nothing to be afraid of. Nothing. Not death. Not loneliness. Not rejection. Not pain. Not even snakes.
This is one of my favorite verses. Its a wonderful reminder.
As you are walking into that Dr.'s office to hear those test results..Don't be afraid..He's with you.
As you are walking into the courtroom for your fate or someones else's fate to be decided by a judge...Don't be afraid...He's with you.
As you struggle with your marriage..Don't be afraid...He's with you.
As you struggle with your job...Don't be afraid...Hes with you.
And after all of that...He is STILL with you.
So as you go throughout this day, be reminded...FEAR is not cool. Fear is a LIAR. YOU don't have to be afraid.
Happy Tuesday Friends!

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