Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Facts.

Friday Facts
I am sitting in starbucks right now...and there is a couple MAKING OUT in the middle of starbucks. And they are both sitting in two separate leather they have to lean in really looks uncomfortable.
I have been awake since 5:10...I feel like I am half dead. I hate mornings.
I have my gym clothes on...because I plan on going to the gym today....sometime.
I get to hang out with this little man today.
his mama is about to have another baby! I cant wait to meet the new little man! I am so blessed to be able to love these peeps!
I think that loving having Jesus in your heart makes your life better. Not easier...just better.
Its cold here in IDAHO....I wish it would warm up sooner.
I need to vacuum out my car it looks like the snack aisle of walmart blew up in my backseat. But I am not going to until it warms up.
So if you park next to me...dont judge.
I lost some followers with my post yesterday. Thats sucks. But its also Ok...because I know I was speaking truth. And thats what we are called to do.
The people making out just left. Thank you Jesus. It was getting super awkward.
Now there is a 60 year old man sitting next to me...he must have bathed in AXE body spray.I.cant.breathe.
I wish I was a BLISSDOM
Being poor sucks.
We are going to remodel our bathroom (well its actually my parents bathroom, but we live there its our bathroom too) I am kinda freaked out. The mister and I always think it would be so much fun to do "projects" we start them...then we fight so much that I peace out, and he is left to finish. By himself.
I dont have any makeup on today and so far I have seen 3,454,643 people that I know. They all look at me like I am an alien. and two people have said "are you sick" HAHA.
I need a good arm workout....any ideas for me?
Happy Friday love muffins!


  1. Oh for arm work outs do these( squat curl things with kettle bells.. ooh man!!

  2. Being poor TOTALLY sucks! Good luck on the bathroom adventure :)


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