Thursday, March 14, 2013

Its SO ok.

Its thursday (just incase you didnt know). Which means that its my friday. Which means that tomorrow I get to sleep in. Which makes this girl VERY happy.
Time for another edition of Its ok Thursday.
  • Its ok that I love my sleep. Like really really love it. I would choose sleep over almost any activity.
  • Its ok that I come to starbucks almost every morning....and the people who work here know my name.
  • Its ok that I like to people watch at my starbucks. There are SO many different dynamics. Right now I can hear 3 different conversations (I am not trying to eavesdrop they are all talking pretty loud)...a group of older men talking about farming...two men talking about being sober and addiction...a few people studying their bibles....a group of women looking at some artwork and laughing. SO many different stories. Its fun to watch them all interact. Does that make me a creepy stalker?
  • Its ok that I like to speak my mind.
  • Its NOT ok that sometimes I dont do it with love. Thats NEVER ok.
  • Its ok that I am addicted to Maurices lately. they have some of the CUTEST stuff for spring and summer. I may or may not have spent a crap ton of money there last week on clothes I didnt need. Dont judge I will probly take most of them back. Shopping feeds my soul. Well... shopping and Jesus.
  • Its ok that I am SO ready for summer...I already busted out my flip flops...even though I really REALLY need a pedi. My toes are a HOT MESS.
  • Its ok that I send my food back if its not right. Last night I ordered a chicken wrap with NO onions or tomatoes. When she brought it out I could see the onions all over in it. So I sent it back. She brought it back about 5 seconds later and said that they made me a new one. I started eating it and realized that there were STILL onions and tomatoes in it. So I sent it back again and told them not to make me a new one. I was super disappointed....but I wasnt gonna eat onions.... Thats ok!.
  • Its ok that I LOVE my bible. It makes me feel safe. And peaceful. And happy. Even when everything else sucks.
  • Its ok that consider cleaning my house a workout sometimes. That crap is hard. Sometimes it makes me sweat just like spinning.
  • Its ok that I have been LOVING this guy lately....
I love his work because he is real. And I want to be real.
Have a FABULOUS Thursday...


  1. Hey, it's okay to send back those onions! I do the same ;)

  2. I am so glad that there is someone else who really really really enjoys sleep. No, I'm not depressed, I just really love to wake up nice and leisurely without an alarm clock.

  3. I love this list so much!

    I've started recognizing that, I too, AM PICKY and it's OK!!!

    I'm with you on all of these points - especially the food one!! I'm constantly sending food back. I feel bad initially, but seriously? NO!

  4. Yea I never send food back. They just remove what you wanted from your own dish. Sometimes they cannot remove things like onion so they should tell you that beforehand. Plus I don't trust that they aren't doing obscene things with my food.

  5. I think I would be a happy girl if I could start every morning with Jesus and Starbucks.

  6. I LOVE MAURICES....The first time I went in I spent a ton an got a credit card :)


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