Thursday, August 16, 2012

I've Learned....

I've learned:

  1. When you cook a turkey, you have to take the "jiblets" and the neck out of the middle before you cook it. (I've forgotten to do this more than once)
  2. You cant earn Gods love. Its free. You just have to accept it. Like a gift.
  3. screaming at your kids doesnt make them listen to just makes them Scream back ignore you more
  4. when you wear alot of mascara, and have long eye have to clean your sunglasses alot...or else you think that there are little black bugs all over everything.
  5. when you have an event or a party at your house...something will go wrong. So just expect it.
  6. People will let you down. So expect that too.
  7. God will NEVER EVER let you down. Never. So dont expect that.
  8. It doesnt matter how much black you wear...if you have a big butt...yes, your butt looks big in those shorts, jeans, pants..etc.
  9. If you dont have money in the bank, dont spend it. ever.(unless you find the perfect shoes for 60% off)
  10. Probly not the best idea to try and put eyeliner on when you are riding in the car on very very bumpy roads.
  11. Probly not the best idea to put mascara or makeup on while YOU are driving either.
  12. When you are fake with people, eventually they figure it out. So dont be fake.
  13. Forgiveness is harder to give then to recieve, but its very very important to do.
  14. You cannot scare snakes away by blowing a whistle. (I may or may not have done this multiple times after being told it would get rid of snakes)
  15. Working out doesnt not make you more tired. It makes you sore and worn out...but in fact, gives you more energy
  16. You cant lose weight without eating right and working out. You just cant. Well, unless you do things that damage your body and mind. then you can. but thats just craziness.
  17. Making mistakes makes you smarter, and learning from your mistakes makes you a better person.
  18. Pinterest is the devil. It makes you want to work out like crazy, and cook, and bake, and craft, and shop. It basically makes you want to quit your job and just do random craft projects and cook and eat all day.
  19. It doesnt matter what people think of you. So, stop trying to please people. Start living for Christ...He is the only one that matters.
  20. Being disrepectful to your husband is never, ever ok. never.
  21. Giving to others doesnt take away from what you have. It gives you more. More inside. Thats what really matters anyways.
  22. Garlic makes you have bad breath. Everytime you eat it. So when you go on a dinner date with your man...if your gonna eat garlic, make sure he eats garlic too. Then no harm, no foul.
  23. Sometimes its ok to give in when you are arguing with your friend or spouse. Its better to have a relationship that to be right. (even when you KNOW you are right!)
  24. Just because it zips, doesnt mean it fits.
  25. Camel toe is not sexy. ever. No, you cant just wear a longer shirt.
  26. When you are having a rough day and you feel like everything sucks and is falling apart... you need to: Stop, Breathe, Pray, re-apply your mascara and lip gloss....and pull yourself together. God is in control...and He's got your back. All the time. Forever.


  1. Hey girl!

    I'm stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop on Tuesday. I was one of the co-hosts. Thank you so much for linking up!

    Loved this post! And your eyes are so pretty in the picture on your header!

    Hope you are having an awesome day! Looking forward to getting to know you better :)


  2. You're my new swap partner! Your eyes are amazing!


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