Friday, August 31, 2012

spend a dollar...make you hollaaaaaa...

We are in Seattle this weekend visiting my husbands parents....I am loving that the weather is not hot enough to make me have boob sweat of EPIC porportions so nice and cool. We shopped today at the premium factory outlets...and you know what that means: I spent enough money to feed 28 people in Ethiopia for 6 years tide me over for a while. I visited old friends like Coach, Gap, Juicy, Restoration Hardware, Ann Taylor and DKNY. They were so happy to see me that they offered %30 -%50 percent off....thats always awesome.

When we met up with the mister, I had to run to the back and shove the bags in....before he had a chance to start running numbers in his head see how many bags I had. I have trained him well to know name brands...its hilarious because he can spot a fake handbag sometimes before I can...and he will elbow me when we are out somewhere and say "hey babe, check out her Louis...its fake" and By golly...its fake. Hes pretty legit. I love him. A lot. Anyways.....because he knows brands now, he knows that when he sees a shopping bag from the COACH store...he knows how much stuff there costs. So I have to hide things. Just kidding, I dont hide things. Well, at least I dont hide alot of things. Just some.

I think I have an addiction. Shopping feeds my soul. Shopping is better than cupcakes. Well, actually nevermind. Nothing is better than cupcakes. Except maybe one thing. But this is PG so lets move on.

Tomorrow we are going to see the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science center in Seattle, that should be pretty legit. Nothing like checkin out the coffin of a hot dead egyptian!


  1. I LOVE shopping and when there is a sale it's even better. Shopping is for sure my addiction too :)
    I am returning the follow

  2. I'm big on shopping in the Pacific Northwest (I live in Atlanta) and I have no idea why! I honestly didn't even know there were outlets in that part of the country. I thought it was a southern thing

  3. Found you through pointing up spotlight and I'm so glad! Your family is precious and it's awesome to meet another sister in christ. I also host a sister sundays blog hop I think you'd love. You link up your sight and any thoughts you want to share with us, and it's a great way to meet new Christian Sisters, gain some awesome new followers, and find new blogs you can't wait to read! Hope to see you there, newest follower <3

    hugs, april

  4. Ahhh, Seattle is so beautiful! My best friend from college lives there so I got to go visit her this May and I loved it. I couldn't see myself living there, but I am glad I have a reason to visit! Can't wait to go back :D

  5. Just found your blog through Pointing Up, and think you are just precious. I laughed all the way through your post, and then laughed again about your shopping trip. You seem like a lot of fun and I love that I'm able to follow another fabulous, Christian woman. I look forward to reading more. :-)


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