Saturday, August 25, 2012

kibbles and bits

I dont get it....I mean sure there are times when its appropriate to be half when you are...ummm...well, I cant think of any right now. But I know one thing here are the times when its NOT appropriate to be half naked:

When you are going to a childrens birthday party
When you are going to the county fair
When you are going grocery shopping
When you are going out to dinner
When you are going anywhere there are children present
When you are going anywhere that there are OTHER PEOPLE present

I get that you think have a nice body....and I get that you want to show it off. Props to you, I mean if I had a body like that I would show it off by wearing a tiny skirt and a see through shirt...Oh, I wouldnt. But anyways... come on...when parents have to explain to there kids why they can see your underwear under your dress because its SO short...its probably not the best outfit to wear. I dont want my 11 year old son to see your kibbles and bits. And sure as heck dont want my husband to see your kibbles and bits. AND more than anything I DONT want to see your kibbles and bits.

Your shirt should cover your boobs, your pants, skirt or shorts should cover your butt, and I shouldnt have to see your hoo ha when you bend over to get something out of the cold case at the grocery store.

Ladies, respect your selves and leave something to the imagination.....because when guys see the goods....thats all they want....kibbles and bits.

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