Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No biggie...Just Learning Spanish at 2am....

I was sound ASLEEP and was jolted awake...because I remembered (in my sleep I guess) that I hadnt made the misters student loan payment for the month. So I grabbed my phone and called the 1 800 number to make the payment over the phone. It was an automated system so I put it on speaker and turned it down low...I could still hear it, but I was still sitting next to the mister in the bed and he was still snoring like a trucker sound asleep and I didnt want to wake him up. This is what happened...

- automated system is talking to me and I am pressing buttons and entering information and the mister sits STRAIGHT up in bed and says:

Mister: "are you learning spanish?"
Me: "Um, no Im paying your student loan payment"
Mister: "Then why is the person on the other end speaking spanish?"
Me: "They arent, they are speaking english, see...listen" (as I put the phone closer to him)
Mister: "They ARE speaking spanish! Why are you secretly learning spanish?"
Me: "Babe! They are speaking ENGLISH, why would I be secretly learning spanish at 2 in the morning?"
Mister: "I dont know....but thats not cool!"
Me: (as I am finishing up the proccess, and I have to confirm the bank account number and amount that I paid by speaking it into the phone)
Mister: "See, you just paid for the Spanish Lesson!"
Me: " Okay babe, you are right...I am secretly learning spanish, and paying a small fortune for it" (followed by an eyeroll and laughter)
Mister: " I knew it!" (then he layed back down and went right back to sleep)

So if any of you would like to participate in my 2am spanish lessons....its cool.


  1. hahaha... your husband is so funny! He might be asleep all along :)

  2. Visiting you from Follow Me Wednesday link up. Looking forward to following you and your cute little blog, I can already tell I am going to love it! Following you via GFC. I blog over at See ya around!

  3. New here and I love your blog. That's friggin' hilarious!
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

    1. sooo funny. when he woke up later he didn't even remember!

  4. I laughed so hard at this! Oh man, what an interesting assumption he made in his sleepy state.


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