Tuesday, August 14, 2012

regular or decaf?

I had a totally random thought today as I was drinking my coffee (my quad shot, iced, non fat, white mocha) this morning. What is the purpose of decaf coffee? How do they make decaf coffee? Do they grow decaf coffee beans? How do they get the caffeine out of the coffee? Why would you drink coffee, if it wasnt for the caffeine? I drink coffee to wake me up, to pick me up throughout the day...but also because I like the taste. But I wouldnt drink decaf coffee...because I just dont see the point.

I feel like there are people in this world who are decaf Christians, and people who are regular coffee Christians.

Decaf Christians love God. Decaf Christians have said the sinners prayers and have accepted Christ. and have a personal relationship with Him. They pretend like their lives are perfect....they pretend that their kids dont ever act up, like they never argue or fight with their husbands, that they never struggle with lust, they dont ever get depressed, they dont ever get mad or struggle with anger...the list goes on. They dont want to let people see that they struggle. They are coffee...but without the caffeine. They taste like coffee, but dont give you everything that regular coffee does.

Regular coffee Christians love God, Regular Coffee Christians have said the sinners prayers and have accepted Christ, and have a personal relationship with Him. They know that their lives are not perfect....they tell you that their kids act up, and ask for prayer to help deal with it. They argue or fight with their husbands, and ask you for prayer and accountability for their marriage. They struggle with lust and ask for prayer and for someone to help keep them accountable...the list goes on. They let people see them struggle...because they know that God is right there with them. They know that struggling with life and sin doesnt make them any less of a Christian, or it doesnt make God love them any less. They are the full fledged regular coffee...the kind that wakes you up with your first sip.

When someone that you really admire and look up to tells you something about their past, something that isnt very pretty.....and they tell you how they overcame it with Christ, it gives you hope. Your testimony and the every day struggles that you go through in life can bring people to Christ. It can give people hope. Its OK to be transparent and to let people see where God is working in your life.

Its ok to be decaf coffee, It will let them smell the coffee smell, and taste the coffee taste, but it wont wake them up. It wont let people see where God is working in your life, because you dont let them see your life.

So, are you regular coffee....or decaf coffee? (PS...God loves decaf people AND regular people...he even likes UN SWEETENED TEA people. But thats a whole 'nother post!)

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