Monday, September 17, 2012

Because they deserve it....

In 2009 the mister and I were at a Ken Davis comedy concert and during intermission He came up on stage and talked about Compassion International. They showed pictures of children in the Compassion project areas and something spoke to my heart, and my husband's heart. That night we became "sponsors" to Bethlehem...a sweet little girl from Ethiopia. Its amazing how $38.00 a month can change more than 1 life. Since then, we have been able to send her letters, and she writes us back. We talk about things like school, and holidays.... I pray for that little girl just like I pray for my own kids....and it changes my heart.

When our kids are mad that they can't have the new ipad or $120 jeans...Bethlehem is SO thankful for the chickens that we gave their family for christmas, or the $25 that we sent so they could buy a goat!! It changes everything.

This year at the Women of Faith conference in Spokane they talked about World Vision....and again God spoke very clearly to my heart. He told me to find a child with my daughter Mary's birthday. And I did...her name is Adriana Lucia and she is from Columbia. She is 9 years old....and I am humbled and honored to have her in my life. I can't wait to get my first letter from her!!

Check out world vision here...

Check out Compassion International here.....

Each of these sponsor sponsorships only costs between $35 and $38  a go and look in your wallet, find three receipts (for something other than gas or groceries). Go ahead....I will wait. add up those 3 receipts. Did it come to more than $35 or $38 bucks? I am willing to bet the farm  that it did. Now think about being able to change the life of a child....for the cost of 1 less fro yo, coffee, and lunch out with friends each month.

Why? Because these precious kids deserve it.

These are our sweet girls....Bethlehem and Adriana!

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  1. My husband and I support a compassion child! What a great company with amazing support. We both have worked for Student Life Camps which partner with Compassion International. If you haven't heard of them, they are a traveling camp that sends like 5 teams out each summer and on each team is a Compassion representative, a child that has gone through being supported and has reached college-age. It's awesome to hear their stories and to really get to know someone who has a truly changed life because of someone coming along side them.


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