Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Football Widow

Its fall...and that means one thing in our house....FOOTBALL! well football for my husband. For me, fall means cute boots, jeans, sweaters, and darker eye makeup

We are DIE hard NEW YORK JETS fans...the mister has been a Jets fan since he was little...and I became a fan by marriage because he threatened me with my life because that's what you do, right?

Its been a rough go...cause the boys playing for the Jets didn't do so hot for a couple years in a row...but then the last few years they have done awesome.

When my husband watches football something happens to him..he turns into a crazy person. Literally, 2 years ago when they were in the play offs, he asked me if I could take the kids and go shopping so that he could be alone to watch the game. When we came back...we saw him through the window..he was jumping up and down and SCREAMING at the TV. Crazy. But he loves his JETS.

He loves this guy the most ....
  Its Revis...DUH

And He kinda likes this guy ....
Or at least he likes him when he can control the ball and throw good passes.....

And I love this guy...
Mostly I love him because he is SUPER HOT He loves Jesus...and He isn't afraid to talk about it...he is UNASHAMED of the gospel. And I think he is good for professional football. My husband thinks he should be a running back instead of a QB...but I think he deserves a good chance. As long as He and Sanchez can play nice with each other.

The mister is upset because there are tons of bandwagon JETS fans now, just because of Tim Tebow.

The Jets play the Seahawks in Seattle this year and I am taking the mister to the game for his Christmas present...he is SUPER excited to see the game. I am Super excited to see the hot boy pictured above the game too, I hope they kick some Seahawk tail feathers.

So Good luck Boys...please win some games...because my husband is crabby and crazy when you don't.

Well football fans, I hope you have enjoyed my extremely thorough report about the New York Jets. Who knows, maybe I can be the next Erin Andrews.


  1. Someone must have been very happened after Sundays game!

  2. Heather I responded to your comment on my blog about helping my cause :) also love the mug! Thank you


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