Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guest Post and A little something special....

This past week I had an opportunity to do a guest post with the ever fabulous Dalayna...Check it out here: Click here and you wont regret it. I promise. For Real.

There is also a FABULOUS giveaway...I am giving you some of my FAVORITE things, plus a $20 Credit to my Scentsy site and a $20 credit to my Thirty One Gifts site.

Its the real deal kids. Check it out. You dont even need your parents permission :)

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  1. Your hilarious blog makes my heart happy! I found you via your guest blog post. Oh and it's OK you can tell me where your husband works - shhh I won't tell, promise! LOL

    I'm a follower - come on over to my blog sometime...


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