Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bird cages and sickness

I AM BECOMING MORE AND MORE FORGETFUL!!! Yesterday was one of my friends birthday, she was turning the big 30..so her husband was throwing her a birthday bash! I made a yummy taco dip and headed over to her house with Mary. When I got there, I realized that I was supposed to be meeting one of my clients at my house to do her wedding hair run through!! It was 6:15 at the time, and she was supposed to meet me at 6!! So Mary and I rushed back home, but on the way there I checked my cell phone..and I had a voicemail, from my client, she was letting me know that she was running late so she wouldnt be to my house until 6:45ish!! HA! God is good, and I wasnt super late.she thought she was late..I HATE to be late because in my book LATE = UNPROFFESSIONAL!

The girl that is getting married is actually a girl I went to high school with, she was 3 grades below me...she is gorgeous and I was honored that she asked me to do her hair! I asked her why she asked me (she lives in New Mexico and I havent seen her in YEARS) and she told me it was because I was always so gorgeous and put together, and that my hair and makeup was perfect..and then when she found out I did hair, she thought I would be perfect! How cool is that??!!

She had a "birdcage veil" and I had NO CLUE, what that was so I did a little googling and this is what I found... the style is so pretty and hers is very similar to this one! We will do doing some FABULOUS hair with this veil! I cant wait!
Then last night, Mary woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible tummy ache, she was crying and curled up in a little ball...she was up for about 3 hours, I felt so bad because my baby girl was hurting and I couldnt fix it! I gave her a chewable pepto, and some applesauce...and she finally fell back asleep. I hate it when she is sick and I cant make her better!!
So we didnt take her to fingerprints today, she came to work with me. But since I was up the majority of the night, I was way tired today, and feel all stuffed up and kinda sickly. Needless to say, I hope it all goes away before Saturday!
Its only tuesday and Saturday could not get here any faster!!! Viva Las Vegas!!

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