Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movies and Jeremiah 29:11

Last night we went to go see Toy Story was Mary, her friend Dawson and me! It was in 3D, and the kids loved it! The end was kinda scary, and sad! It kinda surprised me how scary it was (for a kids movie)

It got over at 8:40 and Mary was exhausted, so she crashed when we got home. I am trying to spend as much quality time with her as I can, as the time that she goes back to her Dad comes closer and closer.

I had a mini breakdown last night when I was talking to Rick, because I was thinking about my situation with Mary, and jeremiah 29:11...and how God promises that He has a plan for our lives, and as a christian I believe that with all of my ♥. But after that verse, you read that the people were exiled for a LONG time, before God brought them back. They had to trust God, and know that someday they would be saved. And I know that ultimately that is what all my struggles are about, trusting that my God, my savior and my best friend...knows whats best for me, and my family. But it still sucks when I'm walking through it. I have to tell my self all the time that I need to trust Him, and if I'm not walking by faith, then I'm not walking in His path. I know that when she goes back to her Dad, I will miss her....but I also know that God loves that little girl more than I can ever ever imagine, and if I remain faithful to Him, He will be faithful to me, and His promises that I live my life believing!

Happy Thursday!

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