Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A day behind!

Well, I didn't post yesterday, Rick was sick, and I had Dr. we had to go to Spokane. I did get a chance to return a few things that I purchased last month ( I hate to try things on in the store, and I am a TOTAL impulse shopper, so I return a lot of things!!) I returned a few things to target and a few things to Lane Bryant..but I bought a dress and a new ring!! We ate dinner at Red Robin, and then we brought home krispie kremes...YUM!! (I also brought some home as a thank you to our sales staff at work!) It sucks that we don't have a Target here in the Valley....this area needs to get with it!! Anyways...that's it for today!! Gotta get to work!

On a side note, I have decided to make my car a "no phone zone" I spend WAY too much time texting, talking and even face booking or twittering on my phone...its dangerous..and I need to STOP. So that's my resolution for now.

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