Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers day and Puppies!

What an awesome weekend! We had so much fun!

Friday hung out at uncle is engaged to a fabulous woman who ♥'s fashion, and she had a ton of clothes that she wanted to get rid of, and she just so happened to have some clothes that fit Megan and Kendra, so they were having a fashion show trying things on. When Megan went into the office to try something else on, Mary grabbed one of the boxes and layed in it, all curled up. Then she knocked on the door! I said " what are you doing" she replied " Mom, I am being a puppy, like someone left me at the door!" HAHA! She has the best imagination!

Saturday, We ran errands, and I stopped at the hospital to see my friend Tileena and her new baby girl Addison! She is just perfect, and it made me have the baby itch even more!! I also ran by the diamond shop, because they were having a sale on Vera Bradley, so I got two new little treasures!!

we had one of Mary's friends over, and we had movie night...they were all so worn out!We decided to watch Cars...but they didnt even last through the whole movie!
Sunday we went to church, Rick had to work, so it was just the kids and I...I hate it when he has to work on sundays! After church my Dad came in and he surprised me by telling me he wanted to buy Rick a new grill for fathers day! So we went to costco and bought a grill....its awesome!!! We grilled steak for the adults and hot dogs for the kids, and Rick was sooooo surprised when he got home!
The kids build an awesome fort in Megan and Mary's room....I think they used EVERY blanket in the whole house!
We gave my Dad all kinds of fun treasures, but He just loved spending time with the kids!
Me and my Daddy! I am so thankful to have him as my father...

I got this CUTE skirt for mary at costco...She looked ADORABLE today!!

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Surprises are the best! :) Looks/sounds like you had a great Father's Day. :)

    I love the photo of the fort. Childhood memories come flooding back.

    Your Vera bags are adorable. Love the colors! Too, too cute!


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