Monday, August 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures

My top 2 Simple Pleasures
  • bedtime when miss M is here...Snuggling/singing to miss M ...I wish I could snuggle and sing her to sleep every single night, hearing her sweet little voice sing with me, and then she'll say "mommy scratch my back" and after I do for a while, then she starts to scratch mine...she is so gentle and sweet...we have the BEST conversations when we snuggle at bed time, and then my favorite part of that is praying for her, and then hearing her sweet prayers too.

  • when my hubby texts me and tells me he loves me...which he does more than once....every single day :)

what are your top 2 simple pleasures?


  1. Great choices!! :-)

  2. great choices - i get so excited everytime i get "i love you" texts - even if it is everyday.. i'm totally with you

  3. I picked texts from the mister too!


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