Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am SO ready for this week to be over again! So I'm glad today is "hump" day!
I decided the a few weeks ago to get a couple things for a new table centerpiece and too get a few more things for my cross wall...I just love the way my table turned out, but, my wall still needs a little work....

I've had the cross wall ever since we moved in, and I keep finding things to put on it! So tonight I asked the hubs to help me hang something up high, and then I proceeded to move everything around. After standing there for a while staring at it, he said "what are you doing?", this is the convo that followed...

Me: I'm trying to figure out whats missing, on the bottom, it looks like its too full

Hubs: yeah there are too many crosses, lets move some over to the other wall

Me: No, its the cross wall, thats the have a wall full of crosses, I just need to find something else to break it up on the bottom

Hubs: (as he stares at the wall with a blank look on his face) well, I dont know..why are you asking me?
Me: I didnt ask you, You asked what I was doing, and I told you!
Hubs: Well, I think there are too many crosses, on the "cross" wall
Me: Well, I like it, I dont care what you think...
Hubs: Then Dont ask!
Me: Fine...but I didnt ask!
Hubs: Fine, I still say there are too many crosses....
He's Got issues :) and I need more crosses!!

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  1. Looks great! I love to decorate my house. So fun. I am like you though and often begin moving things around again! lol


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