Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday
1. Do you have an innie or an outie?

I have an innie... being the voluptuous gal that I am :)

2. What kind of milkshake do you order?

I LOVE milkshakes :) chocolate or Vanilla malts, or huckleberry milkshakes

3. How often do you repeat outfits at work?

It depends on the season, I have more winter clothes than summer clothes, so in the summer I wear the same things week after week...I suck :)

4. What are your feelings about thank you notes?

I love getting thank you notes, but I am horrible at sending them...but I do know that for most people a hand written note is so special, I have to send thank you notes for my work, and I enjoy that..knowing that it makes my clients feel special!

5. Do you like spicy food?

Yes, but I didnt like anything spicy until after I had my daughter..now I LOVE spicy food!

6. How many toilet paper squares do you use?

Probably too much :)

7. Were you in Girl Scouts?

I was a brownie, but the only thing I remember from that was that we had a slumber party one night at our troop leaders house, and a girl there had headlice, when my mom found out, she came and got me!

8. Notebooks/Journals: College ruled? Wide Ruled? No lines? Spiral Bound? Plain front? Decorative?

My boss recently gave me a set of pink moleskin notebooks, they are small, with no lines...and I love them!

9. Do you snack throughout the day? What do you pack for snacks?

Not usually...but then I MOW down when I get home...I should start packing stuff for snacks at work, but I forget...and I am usually running around like a half asleep crazy person in the morning! Recently, I started freezing purple and green grapes...O my heavens they are SO yummy!

10. What is your favorite month? Why?

I'm not sure on this one, it used to be december, but since my mom passed away, I'm not feeling it so much...so lets say May, because its my birthday, mothers day, and my wedding anniversary!

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  1. I am the exact same way about spicy food! Never liked it till I had my son, and now I can't get things to be hot enough for me! Go figure.


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