Tuesday, August 10, 2010

this is me being judgemental

The hubs and I were at costco the other day and there was this couple in the dairy section...the woman was walking over to get eggs, and then she bent over..I'm not even kiddng...she like looked to make sure people were watching, turned and smiled a little... and then she bent all the way over, to get eggs out of the bottom box (when there are pefectly good eggs on the top)... you I could see all of her reeces peices when she bent over..her skirt just BARELY covered her butt..and she had no under garments on..then she had on like 10 inch stripper shoes....it was DISGUSTING..she is totally flaunting all shes got and acting like she knows shes hot..she looks like she belongs in a seedy club with a pole. All of the other couples in that aisle were standing there with their mouths open...it was NASTY...


Hubs: What

Me: did you see that?

Hubs: did I see what?

Me: that woman

Hubs: No

Me: dude, when she bent over I could see all of her la la

Hubs: thats wrong

Me: seriously, nasty..

Hubs: (as he looks over at them) I think I know them , I've seen them around together... I think that she is a hooker, or a mail order bride or something, they act like they dont even like eachother together..but he acts like he owns her, and she is ALWAYS dressed like that, acting like shes all that...

Me: with all her kibbles and bits hanging out?

Hubs: yep..its nasty

Me: for real, who goes to costco with their la la hanging out?

Hubs: I guess hookers and mail order brides do..

Me: (jabs him in the ribs) how do you know about hookers and mail order brides?

Hubs: (rolls his eyes) can we please finish shopping now?

Me: yes, but I'm not gonna bend over like that to get the eggs..


who goes to costco looking like they are ready to go on stage at a strip club???

that girl needs Jesus...and a longer skirt :)

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  1. It sounds like she was really trying to seek some attention. It's sad that some people don't have enough confidence to know they are pretty and conduct themselves with class. I love how you said she needs Jesus and a longer skirt!! lol


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