Monday, November 5, 2012

Balcony or Basement?

Are you a balcony person or a basement person?
We all have those people in our lives who are always complaining about something...or being critical of us...or being critical of someone else. Those are basement people. When you spend time with them, they bring you down...drag you down....instead of building you up.
We also have those people in our lives who are positive...even when they have problems, they don't dwell on them...they encourage others, and bring joy to people. They are balcony people. Because they cheer people on, and build them up.
Here is a disclaimer...I am SUPER afraid of the dark. Like SUPER DUPER afraid. I HATE the dark. and I HATE basements.
I just know that when the lights go off, or I have to go to the basement...I am gonna get eaten by some savage beast.
So WHY do I act like a basement person sometimes? Why do I complain about things that I cant change...or things that are NONE of my business? Why do I try to drag people down with me? I am sure that they don't like the basement any more than I do!
I want to be a balcony person! For my kids, for my hubby, and for my friends. I want to be a joy giver...a life giver...not a joy stealer. I want to be the person that my friends call when they need to be lifted up. I need to be their biggest cheerleader...the person that encouraged them to take one more step.
So......What kind of a person are you?


  1. Let's all strive to be balcony people! Happy and motivational who doesn't want to be around that?!?

    Love these analogies, never heard them before!

  2. I love the Union Jacks in that picture. Good stuff, sis! Also, just a reminder that God is there, even in the dark.

  3. I want to be a balcony person also, but the truth is I am probably not! New follower from the Monday Mingle!


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