Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wanna see?

I got my hair did and my brows waxed on Wednesday before thanksgiving....I was brave enough to cut about an inch and a half off...and get a couple of foils....I have NEVER ever colored my hair until this year when the good man upstairs decided that it was time to give me grey hair. It turned out super cute.....
This was Thanksgiving day at my aunts house...there were about 30 of us there. I just love it...we have such a big family! The only thing that sucks about going somewhere else for thanksgiving is that you dont have leftovers. Ya feel me? Yeah..because we all need 4 days worth of turkey. and stuffing and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes
Me and the step kiddos.....
Me and my daddy...I love him SO much....Does anyone else feel like their dad is a super hero? I always have....when he got diagnosed with MS...I finally realized that he is human....but he is still the strongest, kindest most loving man I know!
The mister...hunting...in his invisible cape. Ummm...ok.
My aunt mary, and shoog (my nephew Ian) She was feeding him pumpkin pie with a crap ton of cool whip on it....he LOVED it!

I was SUPER late for church on Sunday.......(dont judge)...it was the first time I was trying to do my new hair!
And who doesn't love a pic with the hubby...no picture post is complete without that!


  1. Just dropping in from the GFC Hop:) I have been prowling around and I kinda like it here:) I like someone that writes from the heart and of course has a little attitude. Now following via GFC (of course)

    Drop by and visit sometime:) Fridays are good, I have a hop but anyday will do also:)

  2. Aunt Mary and I like our Pumpkin Pie the same way! hehee. You look beautiful, dear!! Love those lashes!!


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