Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend for us.

The mister and I just got back from an amazing weekend together! We went to a marriage conference called weekend to remember. We volunteered so we were able to go for free!
It is an amazing time to re~ charge with your spouse that word is so weird...spouse..its like a bird or something.  Before we went this weekend someone said to me "you guys are always going to marriage conferences or reading books or going to couples groups on how to make your marriage you marriage that bad?" I laughed (after i resisted the urge to smack them) and said "actually our marriage is the best it's ever been..." I just thought it was really funny... I told her it's like when you use your cell phone all day and you never plug it in what happens? It dies.. it doesn't die because the phone broken it just dies because the battery is dead. You can have the best marriage in the world... but if you don't take time for each other... to date each other.. or to work on your marriage... it will slowly die... not because it's broken but because you didn't re charge the batteries! 
The Mister and I go on a date every single Wednesday... and we do everything we can to strengthen our marriage... it's the most important relationship that we have.
And this weekend was a wonderful time away and time to recharge with the just each other!
We stayed here and it was so beautiful! Our room had an amazing view of the lake!
We wrote love letters to each other...
we ate at fancy restaurants... we laughed we cried... and we loved on each other.. it was awesome!
Life gets so busy with kids, work, and the world....but really....take time to date your husband or wife...take time to be with them AND only them. Put away the cell phones, turn off the TV, and look at them. Tell them you love them, and tell them WHY you love them. Nurture this amazing gift that God gave you.


  1. So awesome!!
    I wish there were more conference opps. near us!
    I love your cell phone analogy. Dating and quality time together is something my husband and I keep as much as a priority as possible too. We date eachother almost every other week and make sure that we have alone time to chat each day.

  2. I LOVE this post! Being fully present for each other is the greatest gift we can give in our relationships. My husband and I reset our priorities after a wonderful sermon yesterday and are working on this.

    Happy to have found your blog!


  3. that's awesome and I love the way you answered that person's question! My husband are wanting to go to some soon!

  4. Gosh, we haven't been to Weekend To Remember in years. It was a great experience to say the least. I rreeeeealllllly enjoyed it. Glad you guys did too! Awesome analogy with the cell phone. It IS the most important relationship we have on earth, huh? Great post, dear!


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