Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love. Thankful.

I have been a bad girl. No blogging for me. Things have been so busy, I havent been able to even watch Duck Dynasty or RHOBH. Because thats what life is all about ya know.
Just kidding. THIS is what life is about...and these are some of the many
reasons I am SOOO thankful.
My step daughter Kendra. She is amazing. She is 16 and is SO strong and courageous. She loves God and she loves people.
This was me, washing the misters stinky feet on our wedding day. A promise to serve one another in love. forever. pretty legit.
This is Colton, my 11 year old step son. He is a warrior :) He is funny, and sweet, and he looks like his dad. I love him tons.
This is the day we started our forever. We said I do. And we've been rich and poor, sick and healthy....but we have done it all together. He is my favorite.
This is my baby girl. She is 8, she is the light of my world. (well, God is the light of my world...but she lights it up too) She is sassy, and sweet...and I love her to the moon and back and around and around.
This is Meg...she is beautiful, and 13...and awesome.
He washed my feet too.....and I think he might have tried to look up my dress cried a little.
This is my daddy...he is my rock. He is the man that didnt have to be, but he was. And I love him more than he could ever know. He loved my mom with all that he had. And he loves me...and my family.
PS..dont say ONE word about the fact that this picture is sideways. Mmm kay? I like it that way. :)
Happy PRE Turkey Day my little Sweet Potatoes! Gobble till you Wobble tomorrow!

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