Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rollin with the homies.

Remember this??

Of course you do! Its from the fabulous movie from the 90's Clueless! Love love love it.

SOOOO....this post is about rollin with the homies. Actually rolling for the homies. My homies....rollin breakfast burritos for them!

The mister is always too lazy to fix forgetting breakfast, and then he skips when he gets home is crabby and starving. So I make him breakfast burritos and stick em in the freezer. He can just pop one out and stick it in the microwave..and eat it on his way to work.

We had a TON of ham left over from Christmas so I decided to use that as the meat. I usually cook up a ton of jimmy dean sausage goodness, but this was WAY easier..cause it was all already cooked!

Step one:

step two: Buy a bag of frozen potatoes (the ones with the peppers and onion in the mix) put it all into a pan with some butter and some johnnies seasoning and saute them until cooked through...

Step  3: put half a jar of salsa verde in with the potatoes (my mister likes things spicy, you could totally omit this part if you didnt want the spice)
Step 4: Whip up 8 eggs in a bowl with salt, pepper and then add into the potato salsa mix and cook until the eggs are completely cooked. Once the eggs are cooked, add all the ham to your mixture and turn the skillet on low.
Step 5: Set up your rollin station - tear 16 sheets of wax paper in squares, use the tortilla to measure the size, you want it to be just a little larger than the tortilla. Bring your pan with the burrito mixture, and a bag of shredded cheese and lay everything out with your tortillas.
Step 6: you want to make sure and roll your burritos while they are warm, put 3 heaping spoonfuls of the mixture in the middle of the tortilla then top with a generous amount of cheese.

Step 7:
Step 8: Put them into a gallon ziplock...this time I made 16 burritos, so I used 2 gallon ziplocks.
Step 9:

There you go...a whole post on how to roll for your homies.
Ps...this post was supposed to be published 3 days ago but blogger decided to suck and not let me publish ANY pictures. awesome.

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  1. EVERYTIME i hear that phrase i go back several years :) and you cant help but do the hand moves too hahaha.
    So on another note....those look delicious!!! I will have to try them out. thanks for sharing.


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