Saturday, January 5, 2013

big girl panties.

I am such a big ol' baby. I let WAY too many things that shouldn't bother me...bother me.

For instance, someone who I have been trying really hard to build a relationship with had a new years eve party...and I didn't get an invite. I was crushed. See...big baby. The mister kept telling me "babe its not a big deal, get over it...who cares!?!" He couldn't understand why I was so upset.
 But I am someone who likes to pursue people, I like to make them feel loved and appreciated...I also like them to do the same to me. And when I spend time on a relationship and try to pursue people and they never ever reciprocate it sometimes sucks. But I think I need to put my big girl panties on and stop letting such little things bother me.
Who cares if I didn't get invited to the party...who cares if I didn't get the phone call or the text back....who cares? I care...but I think I care too much.
Whats super crazy is that I am always telling my 13 yr old and my 16 year old not to worry about what others think, say or do. But here I am 31 years old, worrying about what someone may think about me, wondering why I didnt get invited to a party!!
I guess I will go find some of these...
put em on....And deal.

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  1. I am just like you. Things affect me that my fiance is like why???
    But I get bummed when I put forth effort into friendships and others don't. So don't feel bad!

    PS. I'm your Carabox match for this month and I'd love to get to know you more. I sent an email to you; let me know if you got it!


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