Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conspiracy theory...

After coming home and entering my dinner (from red lobster) into my fitness pal...
Me: "hey babe...we ate waaaayyy too many calories at dinner!"
Him: "whatever...all we had was shrimp!"
Me: "actually you had like 8 biscuits too"
Him: "those don't count!"
Me: (after calculating it) "well...those 8 biscuits were 1,004 calories!"
Him: "that thing lies. Dont listen to the lies! What a piece of crap!"
Me: "I'm gonna look up your favorite burger and see how many calories it has...ok, see your sourdough jack has a ton of calories...and you eat like 3 of them!"
Him: "well that's because no man can get full on 1 sourdough jack"
Me: " sure there are guys who can eat just one, and be full!"
Him: "yes, there is one man. His his name is richard simmons...and hes like 4 foot tall and weighs 80 pounds. Do i look like richard simmons to you?"
Me: "nope!"
Him: "ok then...stop telling me about calories. If I counted calories like you do, I would die from lack of food. And I couldnt eat ANYTHING!!! Its all a conspiracy theory anyways."
And there you have it.
Calories are just a conspiracy theory.
And richard simmons is the ONLY MAN in the world that can get full off 1 sourdough jack sammich.

(PS...he is SUPER supportive to me with the healthy eating stuff....but he is also SUPER sarcastic. If you couldnt tell ;) )


  1. too funny. Men are crazy. I tell hubby all the time he needs to watch the amounts he eats since he wants to lose weight. It goes in one ear and out the other.

    1. Well...i have NO room to talk...but its funny when he thinks the calorie counter is lying! :) it does suck that everything we like is so high in calories!

  2. You know what I don't understand? How I'm supposed to eat MORE calories than I have. I'm like trying to lose weight but calorie counter AND everyone else tells me I should be eating at least 1200. And I've been eating like 450? WHAT is going on? haha

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