Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free muffaletta with every room...

Have you ever stayed at a Sheraton Hotel? We always stay at the Sheraton downtown when we come to Seattle...the staff is fabulous and the hotel is GORGEOUS..and the beds are perfect. But.....Did you know that you get a free muffaletta with every room?
When we checked into our hotel in Seattle tonight, the Mister was checking things out in the bathroom and this is what followed:
Mister: babe...look at this! Its a free muffaletta!
Me: Huh?
Mister: (He comes out holding this)
A free muffaletta!
Me: (falling over laughing) Babe...a Muffaletta is a sandwich...
Mister: I know..I was kidding...its called a bath moofa...right? (looking completely serious)
Me: (laughing EVEN harder now) No honey...its called a LOOFAH!
Mister: Oh...well whatever it is...its free...
I havent laughed so hard in a LONG time!
Moving along....
If you havent guessed the mister and I are on a mini vacay until Saturday...I am going to market for the store that I buy for, and he is going to carry my bags spend quality time with me. Its going to be nice to have a weekend just for the two of us!
Tonight we had dinner here
It was our first time eating at a Ruth's Chris and we were so excited. To be honest...the service sucked...the food was just par..and we were really let down :(  Sucks when you pay so much for dinner and its not even close to what you were expecting...Oh least I looked cute for dinner!
Photo: Dinner with my love at Ruth's Chris!
Happy Hump day kittens!


  1. I have never been there, but I hope you have fun despite spending $135 for a sub par dinner

  2. i've never been there. but i also live in seattle so i don't really need to stay at a hotel. haha. i hope you have a good time here! i've never been to that steakhouse. im too cheap and i don't like going downtown honestly.

  3. I love muffelatas. They are my favorite sandwich. The salty combo of cheese, ham and olives. Oh yeah!
    Sorry about Ruth Chris. I wonder if it is across the board or just that location. I have always heard good things about them. You should complain. Nicely. But let them know it wasn't what you were expecting form all the hype. Who knows what will happen?

  4. Oh lovely lady. I found you through Simply Ashley & I loved this! Haha. Your husband sounds like a pretty awesome guy. How funny he called them that! I had the same exact experience at Ruth Chris. Not to mention the check was off the wazoo expensive! Not worth it whatsoever. But yes, you looked super cute for dinner :)

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  5. Guys are hilarious! I love that he was so excited about the free loofa, though!


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