Wednesday, January 23, 2013

if only.

Yesterday, someone told me this:
Them: "have you lost weight?"
Me: "no, not really...I havent been to gym in almost 4 months"
Them: "oh...well you look like you have lost weight, it must be your outfit. You are already almost pretty. I mean, your face is gorgeous...if you could only start losing weight you could be a knock out!"
Me: (with tears starting to well up) "thanks?!?"
Then I got in my car and cried. UGGGHHHH. I HATE it when people who I dont even know that well, make comments about my weight. Especially when they talk about how cute I would be if I was skinny. If you have read this post you know how much I hate the..."you have such a pretty face" comment.
Little does that lady know that I had already felt like a big ol' wilderbeast that day. So her comment just made it worse.
I mean, I know that I eat wrong, I dont work out and I am 86 pounds overweight. But hey lady...its NOT YOUR PLACE TO TELL ME ABOUT IT. MMMM kay?
So...last night I went back to the gym..I started logging my food again in fitness pal...and I am going to start trying to be healthy again. Not because of that persons comments. But because I need to be healthy.
In other news...the misters new favorite phrase "I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot". For real...he beats me in scrabble he says "YEAH..Im not a playa I just crush a lot"....he proves me wrong in a meaningless argument "Oh yeah..I'm not a playa I just crush a lot".
 He's insane.
But hes pretty I can deal with the gangsta talk.
Happy Hump day....raise yo hand in the ay-er if you a true play-er......


  1. You are so cute. And are you freaking kidding me? That lady must have some insecurity issues. No kind person would ever say that. I think you look great. And I'm not just saying that, either.

    I'm a fitnesspal user, too! Wahoo. Maybe you can teach me what net means...higher number good? or bad?

  2. A legit stranger said that to you?! What a jerk. That makes me so mad. You are gorgeous. Don't take what they said to heart.

  3. It shocks me when people say things like that, like they have zero filter! You are beautiful and any weight you want off, will in time come off! P.S I'm pretty sure I need that T-shirt!

  4. Some people really don't think about the words that come out of their mouth. I must say you handled it really well. I may have had a few not so nice things to say to them. Keep doing what you're are BEAUTIFUL inside & out b/c GOD created you!

  5. That's so rude! I have never understood why people feel they have the right to spout off what ever they think! And I agree with Jennifer, you are beautiful inside and out!

  6. I love Fitness Pal! Great App! I completely understand and you are such an amazing person. I have not known you long but I know that to be true!

  7. Oh Heather, you're so beautiful inside and out! As many have already said, you're an AMAZING creation of God! Do know that He has GREAT plans for you!
    Love ya, sister!

  8. Some people can be so mean. I just started reading your blog (found you on, and I think you should have punched that lady in the throat!(jk--or not) I use fitness pal to log my calories, and some days I feel like your husband is right, I don't get to eat anything, and I always feel hungry. I am trying to get back into exercise, but I hate it!! Keep your head held high--Karma sucks for those mean people.


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