Sunday, January 13, 2013

thats a bunch of bull...

Today I was driving in the car with my 14 year old step daughter...there were some of these
fighting with their heads together in a field. This is the conversation that followed...
Me: Look meg..those cows are fighting..thats crazy
Meg: Cows dont fight, only steers or bulls fight
Me: Whatever...those were cows...and they were fighting
Meg: No...they had to have either been a bull or a steer, because cows or heifers dont fight.
Me: uhh..whats the difference?
Meg: well, Cows are females that have had a calf and a heifer is a female that has not had a calf and steers are males that have been castrated, bulls are males that have not been castrated.
Me: Oh...I didnt know that. So they were bulls? What do you think they were fighting over?
Meg: Probably a cow...
Me: She must be a pretty hot cow!
Meg: Yep...
Me: How did you get so smart?
Meg: I pay attention in school....
Me: Oh...maybe I should have payed more attention in school
Meg: Yeah, probably
HA! I got told!
Happy Saturday my little cows! May a bull always be ready to fight for you!

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  1. Just found your blog. This post is TOO cute. I was giggling out loud reading it! Love your blog! NEW FOLLOWER! :)


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