Monday, January 28, 2013

Pajama jeans

Happy Monday hotties!!
I had a wonderful weekend..did you?
Yesterday the mister helped me fold MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF laundry (yes, I know I am a lucky girl) and this is what he said as he folded a pair of my Silver jeggings.
Him: "are these those sweat pant jeans?"
Me: "huh? What are you talking about?"
Him: (showing me the jeggings) "These! These are sweat pant jeans!"
Me: " No they arent they are called JEGGINGS..and I bought them at Maurices, not off an infomercial!"
Him: "HAHAHA..PAJAMA JEANS! thats what they are called! You wear Pajama jeans!!!"
Me: " you are on crack...they are not pajama jeans, plus the last time I wore them, you thought my butt looked good in them"
Him: "I still think that its hilarious that you have pajama jeans."
Me: (throwing a t-shirt at him with massive force) YOU ARE A PUNK!"
I am SO glad that I have a mister that makes me laugh.
ALSO....this weekend I got my January CARA BOX!!! (for more info on what a CARA BOX is, you can learn here!
This months theme was resolutions!
The fabulous lady I sent to was Aleks over at A Slocum Story!
 a slocum story
To see the goodies that I sent her, you can check out her adorable blog!
The lovely lady that sent to me was Nilda over at Entirely my Own!
Laughter, love and necklaces
She sent me the most UH MAZING package! I told her that I need to get organized, and to try and cook more for my family..and get healthy! She sent me a fabulous wipe of magnetic calendar, recipe cards AND some of her FAVORITE recipes, a WHOLE pack of AMAZING ink joy pens, a little planner/journal, and a small water bottle for me to take with me when I run! Plus, her note was SUPER sweet!!! Thanks Nilda! I LOVE IT!!!


  1. I'm loving checking out what everyone got in their Cara Box! What a sweet box!

  2. Favorite recipes - what a treat! That's really cool! I'm enjoying checking out everyone's Cara Boxes. Love this program. :)

  3. Glad you liked the box! I had fun trying to find fun things to match your resolutions. I buy those pens whenever they are on sale, they're my favorite! Hope the goodies help!

  4. I am cracking up about the pajama jeans...that is SO something my husband would say! LOL!


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