Tuesday, January 8, 2013


today I cried....I cried off and on all day.
I miss my mom today something awful. Its like I have these little triggers that make me think of her and then my heart just crumbles. She has been in heaven for 3 years now. Most of the time I am fine, but then something happens and I lose it.
My mom loved holidays...Christmas was her FAV but she always went above and beyond for EVERY holiday. On valentines day she would make my dad and I a love dinner. Everything was heart shaped. Heart shaped butter, heart shaped meatloaf...pink mashed potatoes....pink yogurt parfaits..heart shaped brownies, pink milk...chocolate covered ice cream hearts...you get the idea. She would write my dad and I these amazing love letters and leave them at our places at the table and the she would buy us the most amazing love presents. I always looked forward to valentines day night...even when I was in high school...I never would go out with boyfriends or friends on valentines day because that was our love dinner night. My mom knew just how to make me feel special.
Lately on pinterest there has been a ton of people pinning valentines day stuff...and it made my think about my mom. Then this morning on the way to work, the song that we played at her funeral came on my ipod...I skipped over it, like I always do. But then again tonight on the way home, it came up in the shuffle...and I let it play. I think it was my moms way of telling me she loves me.
I want to share the song with you.....
When the song came up on my way home, I listened to the whole thing and then I played it again. I really listened to the words the second time. My mom is in HEAVEN!!!! She is with Jesus!! And she is with my Papa, and all the other loved ones who are there. She gets to have a love dinner with them and with the one who LOVES us more than ANYTHING. I should be SO thankful that I know that I will get to see her again...and that she loved me, and she let me know that she loved me every chance she got.
So there were some tears today...a lot of them...but tears can be good. Have you had any tears over anything lately?


  1. My father passed Christmas Eve last year. I have lots of memories & find that I usually miss him the most when something makes me flash back to his kindness, his love, and his sweet nature it brings up tears like a flood. But thank God that my father loved Jesus! That is the only thing that gets me through…I can't wait for Heaven!

  2. I was crying over my Mom yesterday. Hugs to you.

  3. That's such a sad post, yet it's great to hear that your mom is with her Maker. She sounds like a wonderful woman <3


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