Sunday, July 11, 2010

More vegas

I will do probably about 2 more posts after this from our trip to las vegas...I have so many pictures, I am trying to go through them all! I am so glad I decided to start blogging before this trip because now, I have a "journal" of our trip..and all of the special things we did!

This fish tank at Ceasars...was awesome...and she looks so freakin cute! Mary in front of one of the fountaina at Ceasars!

We had lunch at margaritaville one day..and Mary got her picture taken with the parrotts! It was soo cool! She did look terrified for a minute, but then she was cool with it...I wanted to put that pic on here, but I cant get it to scan! But this a pic from outside...these chairs were cool! Of course we had to take a trip to Ceasars Palace the Forum shops...She loves to shop just like me..but I know it was a lot of walking for her! We stopped and got was so yummy, I had never had it before! Mary wore a tiara all day this day, and everyone kept telling her happy birthday...I kept its not her birthday shes just a princess! She loved every second of it! One of the things that we did, that we didnt get pictures of (because we couldnt take pics) was going to see KA the cirque d'solei show at the MGM...can I just say it was AMAZING!! I have never ever seen anything like it! And Marys eyes were as wide as pie plates the whole was so cool to watch her expression! She says it was one of the best parts of the trip! I am so very very thankful to my dad for taking us! It was an amazing trip, and I enjoyed spending time with him..and I know he loved every second of spending time with Mary girl.

This was a pic of us in the bathroom, on the way to the pool, I know, I know...real classy to take a pic in the bathroom...but hey..its a cute pic!

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