Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last night I was trying to get Mary settled for bed, and I said, go down and get into bed and I will be there in a sec. She said "but mom, you have to come down to tuck me in and pray to me!" That was so sweet! I pray with her before she goes to sleep...and she wasnt letting me off the hook! Oh how I love praying over my sweet little girl!

But last night she had a different plan, as we snuggled, I prayed with her and then she said "Ok mommy, its my turn"....then she followed with this " Dear Jesus, thank you for my mommy, please help her to be proud and strong and to let her know how much I lover her. And keep her safe when I'm gone...keep our whole family safe while I'm gone. please be with Rick and mommy and our whole faimly, and please let my mommy know that she is a princess..or a princess queen because she is your daughter too. I love my mommy so much, and I know that she is precious to you. "

It was the sweetest thing EVER. I am so thankful for this precious little girl.
And so thankful that she knows her Lord.

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